School Counselors are destroying parental rights

November 13, 2022

School Counselors are destroying parental rights

“Mental health” programs are laying the groundwork to separate children from their parents.

[LFC Comments: The State of Maine also believes in what we call “Don’t tell your Mom, it will be our little secret” pronoun policy. Lake County’s Mentor School District has such a policy.]

In our last newsletter we laid out how school counselors are redefining two words, “safe” and “abuse”, to paint parents as “abusive” for not affirming Transgender delusions in their child.  This then sets the foundation for school counselors and social workers to justify separating children from their parents.

While this heartbreaking video focuses on a proposed policy in Maine, it is highly likely that your school district has a similar bill or crafting one as we speak.  This is the next goal of the Transgender Cult and their sick agenda.­­


3 Things Parents Can Do

Immediately ­­Download “Behind Closed Doors Part I and Part II” to learn how school counselors are trained to push gender and political indoctrination to students.

Share this video with as many parents as possible so they are aware that these types of policies are coming to school districts across the country.

Use the form at the end of “Behind Closed Doors” to opt-out your child from meeting with any mental health professionals without your written consent.­­


We would like to make more hard hitting videos that exposes these draconian polices in different states. Join our team by helping us raise the funds necessary to make great content that empowers parents to win the war against woke indoctrination in K-12.

Please support us with a $10 monthly investment or a one-time contribution. ­­­­­


­­If you don’t know the rights that you and your child have, it is easy for schools to lie to you. Download this Parent Consent Toolkit that contains an explanation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Act and a consent letter that you should submit to your child’s school immediately.­­

The Courage Is A Habit Team­­­­



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