Election Redirection Via Redistricting

Tom Niewulis, Geauga County’s Constitutional scholar, gives his take on the 2022 midterm elections.

Quit trying to analyze the 2022 midterm election as candidate mishaps, party tomfoolery or fraud. This mid-term debacle was a result of election redirection via redistricting. In fact, so was the 2020 election. I discovered the insidiousness of this fact as I was researching the Ohio Constitution Article XI: Apportionment, for the class I teach.

Election Redirection – gerrymander the gerrymanders with Gerrymandering

Does that heading sound confusing? Well you should read through the Ohio Constitution Amendment of 2018 and your confusion will be, confused. The 2018 Amendment to Article XI of the Ohio Constitution was the work of a specific group that I talk about. Not only was Ohio on the target list but so was: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. See any patterns here?

Mid-term Losses – Election Redirection

The mid-term losses by the GOP are not the fault of one man as the establishment is crying. The losses are not the abortion issue. The mid-term losses are on the blind and cowardly in the GOP who are elitist power mongers no different then their daemoncrats golfing pals.

Simply, the mid-term losses are on the morally bankrupt despisers of Constitutional Republicanism, be it State or Federal.

Consider this analysis by Politco. It reveals a realtime description of what I discuss and the references below further reveal – How redistricting shaped the midterms

Accountability and Pressure Point

What to do about the Election Redirection? The answer lies in the last couple programs that I’ve done where I have referenced the communists strategies to destroy our Constitutional Republic. The tactics are many that first require all the various patriotic groups to lay aside their egos and work together. Second to this, Accountability of the newly elected as well as the re-elected will be by using our various State Constitutions.

In Oho, that means our Preamble and Article I. How do we do that? Pressuring the moral accountability on the elected regarding their ‘Oath of Office.’ This requires, as Madison and John Adams wrote, ‘a moral and virtuous/religious people.’

Do you have sufficient understanding of your State Constitution to use this pressure point? If not, you must gain the insight to your greatest tool next to the Bible, which gives the moral code for political leaders.




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