Laketran is failing us

This is a guest post from a very unhappy Lake County taxpayer.

Laketran is failing us

by Terry Foreman / November 15, 2022

This is a quote from a Laketran Press Release / News Herald Article dated September of 2019 titled Laketran seeking 10-year 0.25 percent sales tax.

“Officials have said the issue would allow Laketran to meet the growing demand for accessible transportation for Lake County seniors, people with disabilities and veterans. It would also improve job access to important manufacturing corridors like Tyler Boulevard and Heisley Road — where there are more than 300 employers and 7,500 jobs.”

Since the passage of this levy in late 2019:  Laketran has doubled their sales tax revenue , received historic increases in state and federal grants while ridership demand has plummeted in all categories.

Yet they are reducing their service commitment to our seniors in Lake County.

Lest we need remind Mr. Capelle of Laketran’s Mission Statement which reads:

“Laketran is committed to providing quality public transportation services to all Lake County residents with a special emphasis on meeting the transportation needs of senior citizens and people with disabilities.”

If the administration can not continue to fulfill their commitments to Lake County, why would they feel that they can do a better job with managing the long time failing Geauga County Transit Agency. A total distraction that will not prove to be good for either organization.

This organization’s operating practices, policies and priorities have been flying under the radar way too long.


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