NPR has gone Satanic…

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Just when we think things cannot get more evil or bizarre, we get articles like this. Sadly, we have come to the conclusion that there are no bounds for the depravity of man. When society condones killing the most innocent among us, we are on the path of destruction.

“You shall not murder”…Exodus 20:13 [Note: God’s Commandment does not say, “your body, your choice”.]

Far too many people have bought into the globalists’ deception of using abortion as a means of depopulating the world.


The National Public Radio station recently aired a live abortion over the radio. 

A mother and her child were exposed and broadcast to the world, as doctors murdered, dismembered, and vacuumed an innocent baby from out of their mother. 

Thousands of people were shocked, and in awe as the radio made a spectacle of murder. Families listened as a baby was murdered on air. 

Sign this petition to bring these people to justice. This can no longer be tolerated.

This is a death cult.

The left is profiting off of the death of these babies. They are trying to normalize this, which is why NPR has chosen to broadcast this to the nation. 

They want everyone to view this as a victory for woman’s rights. 

This is the last straw. 

The narrative has turned for the left from safe, legal, and rare, to pushing abortion as the first option. 

While millions of people were shocked and in horror as this played across the nation, the left celebrated that another child had died. 

They celebrated that this baby died and that it was broadcast for all to hear. 

These people must be held accountable. 

Sign this petition to put an end to this madness, and give that innocent baby justice.

Abortion is murder, but millions of people have been desensitized to its horror. 

If we allow this to continue, then leftist radio stations will continue to broadcast abortions over the radio, further dehumanizing these babies, and making their death a spectacle.

This is the worst example of leftist insanity to date. 

This also made the mother a spectacle, as she was used and abused by doctors, and NPR as they killed her child and broadcast it to the nation. 

For the sake of this poor mother, and her innocent child that was killed, we ask that you sign this petition to hold these people accountable. 

We just put pressure on this station from thousands of enraged listeners who want answers. 

Sign this petition to demand that NPR publically address and apologize for airing this obscene murder.

Thanks for all you do,

Owen Stevens and the entire CitizenGO Team


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