No Governor Honors his Constitutional Oath

No Governor Honors his Constitutional Oath; DeSantis may be Best But He’s NOT Ready for Presidency!

By Andrew Wallace | November 19th, 2022

Governors, like all members of Congress, officials, judges, and military flag officers refuse to obey their sacred Oaths to the Constitution. Simply stated, this failure makes their positions untenable and without legitimacy, while doing great harm to “We The People”.

Our Governors are Cowards and well-funded Minions of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families, elites, big money, establishment, etc. If only our governors were independent, obeyed their Constitutions, were honest, and had courage, then your life could be great! Our states have the Constitutional power, and Governors must use it as follows:

1. The borders must be closed! Governors have the Constitutional power to stop invasion with deadly force, and they refuse to do it. Everyone who allows or supports invaders is a “Constitutional traitor” and should be so charged (Government spends $338.3 Billion on invaders, costing $2500 per taxpayer!).
2. Tariffs could replace income tax (as in the past up to 1913), which would also bring jobs back to America.
3. Return to Constitutional gold and silver money which ends inflation, wars for profit, and government boondoggles.
4. End Tax-Free Foundations which protect the resources of the wealthy forever, while allowing them to do all kinds of crazy things to our detriment.
5. Kick the FBI and every unconstitutional federal agency out of the state (a majority of federal agencies).
6. Repeal 17th Amendment to take back Senators from control by the PSRRC and corporations.
7. Round up all illegal invaders and deport them before they destroy this country financially and by crime. (The only reason for open borders is to destroy poor Blacks, poor Whites, and the country!).

NOTE: The preceding actions have a chance of mitigating a massive and prolonged Depression. Very soon the government will not be able to fund anything or anybody. Fiat dollars and new fiat digital dollars will be worthless!

The preceding objectives will give power back to the people and make us healthy, wealthy, and happy again .

Governor DeSantis may be the best of the worst, but he has not demonstrated his dedication to the Constitution or the courage to take back powers usurped by the federal administration. And he has had four years to do it! DeSantis has made many good decisions, but not one of them was in real opposition to the PSRRC’s graft and money laundering. Until he has the courage to oppose them by taking back usurped state powers, I must assume he is just another well-financed minion of big money (PSRRC).

Governor DeSantis seems to be highly-supported by the PSRRC, big money and their corporate minions. I could never vote for anyone who was under their control!

Governor DeSantis knows that President Trump did not have support of the PSRRC. In fact, both political parties smeared and framed him constantly for four years because he was giving the country back to the people (reducing PSRRC profits). President Trump closed the border, gave us energy independence, started tariffs for government income and to bring back jobs, ended wars for profit, reduced red tape, etc. President Trump did all of this while the corporate minions in government and media did everything to destroy him. I don’t care how he walks and talks or how many banks he beat at their own game. Nothing changes the fact that he did more for American people than all the presidents in the last 100 years, combined.

Reminder, Fox News has been promoting Governor DeSantis for years only because he is no threat to Big Money (PSRRC). You will note that Fox News Anchors criticize the Government just enough to keep their MAGA audience happy, but not enough to expose the harm being done to the people. Fox is even advertising the Faux Covid Vaccine! Fox News is owned by the ‘Left’.

By his failures to date, Governor DeSantis has demonstrated that he can’t match President Trump’s ability to get elected without support of big money, or accomplish what President Trump did in the face of massive contrived opposition and vilification.

Governor DeSantis has the rare opportunity to be another President George Washington if he has the courage and ability to take Florida and then the country back from the PSRRC and their Communist Minions in the government and media.

In a political matchup today , Governor DeSantis has little substance when compared to President Trump, but he can eclipse President Trump if he honors the Constitution in Florida and refuses funding and control by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC). I would really like to help Governor DeSantis, but that is impossible for me as a common citizen. His staff has refused to answer my supportive letters and e-mails for years.

The games are over.

Disclaimer: I am a Patriot Writer from Flyover Country Florida, as such my words are primitive and direct, lacking the polish and obfuscation of the Ivy League. I pity the brainwashed Communists among us, for they know not what they believe, and will starve and die at the hands of their own.




Ton Niewulis


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