Is it all just an illusion?

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We are constantly being deceived by our government officials at all levels. We are easily deceived because we want to believe the comforting lies, rather than the unpleasant truths. To illustrate my point, which picture is real and which is inverted? (answer at the end) Would you believe me if I said the picture on the right is real?

We were asked our opinion about the “Red Republican Tidal Wave” that we were supposed to experience in the last election. This is my response to the Lake County citizen.


Regarding the red Republican tidal wave that did not happen: This is just my opinion, because I have no facts to back it up.

There is a communist tactic of “demoralization” that I picked up from watching the 1970’s video with Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent that defected to the United States, and G. Edward Griffin.  Many Americans fall into the trap of believing “the comforting lies, rather than the unpleasant truths”. 

The patriots wanted to believe that our country would get back on track with a red “tidal wave” of new blood into the Republican Party to stop the advancement of socialism, and eventually to be ruled under a one world government of communist oligarchs.  It is very difficult to discern the true patriots from the paid opposition that deceive us everyday.  We must judge them by their fruits, and not their words.

There is no doubt that the demonic Democrat Party at the Federal level wants to “fundamentally transform the United States” as expressed by Barry O’Bama in his first days after being elected President by unsuspecting, trusting Americans.  It is clear to me that he was chosen by oligarchs because he is black and he could deliver a speech.  His mission was to destroy the basic foundation of the United States in order to “Build Back Better” as expressed by the incompetent Joe Biden.   Trump being elected over Hillary Clinton, delayed the communist takeover for a while.

Basically, we bought into the ruse of stopping the madness of the demonic Democrat Party, until the “savior” Donald Trump is elected to the presidency in 2024.  Then Trump could magically defeat the traitors within the unelected bureaucracy, and reverse decades of amoral behavior.

The cries of cheating during and after the elections is a convenient excuse for the basic problem of immorality in our society from both sides of the aisle.   We cannot wait until Trump is elected in 2024, and we cannot depend on one man to fix our problems.  To get America back on track will take decades of average citizens pushing back against the evil that has grabbed hold of our society.

I have come to the conclusion that to put our country on the right path eventually means that we have to resolve the problems that are in the institution of public education.  Without the proper education the new generations will not have the ability or resolve to fight the evil that will surround them.

This is a long winded explanation to say that we were deceived again.

Brian Massie

Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit


For those wondering, the picture on the right is the correct image. I took this picture while hiking in our Metroparks. It is a reminder that with today’s technology it is going to becoming increasingly difficult to discern the truth. My suggestion is verify then trust.


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