Geauga County’s Nancy McArthur Accosts Senior Citizen at the Metzenbaum Center…updated 1/15/23

Brian Ames, Citizen of Portage County

Updated 1/15/23…12:45 pm

Here is a news article describing Nancy McArthur’s version of the incident. Seems like we should award her four Pinocchios for her retelling of the event.

Article from the Times / Courier January 12, 2023

As they say: “Here is the rest of the story”…

“This video shows clearly that Nancy was pulling on the hood of my jacket, very nearly pulling it off. It also shows that my hands were on the frame of the door, putting to lie her story in the news.”

LFC Comment: Nancy McArthur, Republican Chairman of Geauga County, accosts senior citizen, Brian Ames, when he tries to enter the Metzenbaum Center.


We received the following from another patriot interested in Geauga County and Republican politics.

Geauga County Board of Elections Director Michelle Lane Denied Entrance to nomination meeting

Michelle Lane and Sharon Gingrich were denied entrance to the Geauga County Republican Party Central Committee meeting where a nomination for Board of Elections vacancy was being considered.

LFC Comments: Power is such an intoxicating elixir!


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