Open Letter to Congressman Jim Jordan

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Thanks to Tom Z. for taking the lead in communicating with Congressman Jim Jordan.


December 9, 2022

Congressman Jim Jordan
Ohio 4th District
C/O 2056 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Jim,

We, the undersigned Ohio Group Leaders, recognize you are now the focus of EVERYONE’s attention as the New Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee starting in January. We respect your time and the seriousness of the many investigations that you have pledged to conduct through your Committee but we must ask that you consider an important request from us at this time.  

We will cut to the chase. You have made it clear the Judiciary Committee will be looking into what actually happened on January 6, 2021. With the goal of exposing the Truth, which has been so effectively concealed for two years by the corrupt FBI, DOJ, Nancy Pelosi, her corrupt January 6th Committee, the Capitol Hill Police, the DC Police, the DC Courts, and others who failed to do their jobs and prevent what happened that day. They have then leveraged their dereliction of duty at best, and perhaps their deliberate malfeasance at worst, to smear US, Republicans, Trump supporters as well as the President – and to violate the Constitutional rights of many patriotic citizens.

While we are grateful that the Republican House is planning to take action to restore equal justice and the rule of law, we are asking you to go one important step further. We are asking you to bring January 6th Political Prisoners, and there families, before your Committee to testify in person in front of Congress and the American people about what our nation has done to them and their families since that day.  While they will most likely not be able to testify about what they did on January 6th, because of their current legal cases, that is not our goal. Instead we think that it is critical for your Judiciary Committee to expose the injustices and cruelty committed by members of our Government on American Citizens since that day.  

While we know that some protestors did commit crimes for which they must be held accountable, we also know that MOST of these citizens have been grossly overcharged; held without bail; denied their right to a speedy trial; denied access to key evidence, denied their right to a change of venue; and have been physically and mentally abused and even tortured for TWO YEARS illegally by the Courts, the Federal Prison System and the Department of Justice and FBI. These unjust actions have been committed as political retribution in many cases by members of our government in our name using our tax dollars. It is an outrage and it must be fully exposed! 

Therefore, we want you, through your committee, to provide a forum for these political prisoners to name the guards; the wardens; the DC Court “public defenders,” who have not defended them; the Prosecutors and Judges, who have willfully and with bias denied them their rights as American Citizens. Then we want you to bring these perpetrators to testify under Oath to Congress about their actions against these prisoners over the past two years. Hopefully this will lead to the committee referring some of them for criminal investigation and prosecution, which we assume the corrupt FBI and DOJ will ignore, which will then give the House more reasons to take actions against these corrupt organizations and their leadership – such as defunding them and possible future impeachments.

It is our belief that NO TRUE AMERICAN would support the abuse of these citizens for purely political reasons – if they knew about what has actually happened! The vast majority of Americans have NO IDEA people like themselves have been treated so unjustly over the past two years. You can talk about them in your Committee hearings, but we believe having them tell their stories will outrage ALL AMERICANS – regardless of political affiliation or what they think happened on January 6th, by exposing the public to the inhumanity committed in their names by their government.  Through this testimony, we believe that you can make the general public understand how corrupt this administration, and the media are, and how the loss of the rule of law threatens not only our Republic but them personally!

Furthermore, we believe by adding relatable faces of everyday Americans to your investigation, you will get more Americans focused on what actually happened, and on those who are actually to blame for January 6th. Without these political prisoners telling their stories, we believe the media will be able to minimize your investigation as just another partisan political attack like the phony January 6th Committee. We can’t let that happen.

In addition, we think by getting Americans emotionally invested in this investigation, that you will be able to get them interested in following the Biden Family Investigation, the Covid Leak Investigation, the Social Media Censorship Investigation, the Border Crisis Investigations and so much more. These investigations must open the eyes and touch the hearts of the American Public if we are to get the public support we will need to make the critical changes over the next two years and beyond that are necessary to restore our Constitution.

In closing, these citizens, who were by and large expressing their Constitutional Rights on January 6th, must no longer be abandoned and forgotten. You must tell their story, and let them tell their stories, and set the historical record straight! We beseech YOU to hear our request and to commit to giving these citizens a voice in your Congressional Investigation that they so deserve. We look forward to your response and would ask that you respond by Friday, December 16, 2022 if possible.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention
Portage County TEA Party

Mary Ellen Buechter
Miami County Liberty Group

Charis Peterson
West Chester TEA Party

Barbara Burkard
Miami Valley Citizens Informed

Meta Hahn
Past President
Westerville TEA Party

George Cstary
Monday Night Roundtable Radio Show

Kirsten Hill
Totally Engaged Americans

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens

Amanda Suffecool

Thomas Hach
Executive Director 
Free Ohio Now

Jack Boyle
Cuyahoga Valley Republicans

Tom Niewulis
Samuel Adams Returns

Glenn Newman 
MOV Citizens Action Coalition

John Stover
Ohio Value Voters

Laurie Groves
Patriot  organizer
Perry County Patriots bAlliance 

Sue Ellen King
Westerville Tea Party

Karen Wirtz
Local Liberty Association

Pastor JC Church
Victory In Truth Ministries 

Alex Mortensen

Pastor Jeff Tauring
Liberty Valley Church

Carey Brockman
Geauga County TEA Party

Jeff Malek
Medina County Conservative Coalition

Lynn Gibbs
Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition 

Toledo Tea Party
Oregon Ohio conservatives 

George Brunemann

Ed Mulholland
Zanesville Patriots




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