Mark Levin on the destruction of our country

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Thanks to Bruce Deitrick Price for sending this Mark Levin video to us. Levin does a great job explaining why there is such a divide in our great country. However, he focuses on the Democrats, but, in my opinion, many Republicans are complicit in this downward spiral that we are experiencing.

Can we save our nation, or will the Communists, Marxists, Globalists, succeed in tearing down this beacon of freedom and liberty? Is the “Build Back Better” mantra that we hear from the Resident of the White House, really what you want for our country? Who should we emulate…China, Russia or Venezuela?


We will be interviewing Mr. Bruce Deitrick Price on our new podcast format next week. The topic will be “What is constructivism, and how has is impacted our public schools?”



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