They all have to be removed

Joe Miller, Citizen Journalist, video creator
Brian Massie, Editor and Mugwump

These 22 RINOS (Republican in Name Only) listed in the video below voted with every Democrat to oust Derrick Merrin (R) as the Speaker of the State of Ohio House of Representatives. As the old saying goes: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”


Excerpt from the story…

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVG) – Ohio lawmakers have appointed a new Speaker of the House to succeed Rep. Bob Cupp as the 135th General Assembly begins.

Lawmakers voted Rep. Jason Stephens (R), of Kitts Hill, as Ohio’s next Speaker of the House, despite the Republican Caucus’ decision in November to name Rep. Derek Merrin (R), of Moncolva, to the position. Merrin lost the speaker vote 54-43 to Stephens on Tuesday.

Republicans control the House and could have elected a speaker without any Democrats, but members of the GOP became divided on their support for Merrin in recent weeks. Democratic House Minority Leader Allison Russo told the Columbus Dispatch that Democratic members took the opportunity to back Stephens because they felt he would work on redistricting matters in good faith, along with other initiatives like school funding, workers rights, and infrastructure projects.

They all must be removed!


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