Hillard parents make good on threat to sue school

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Hilliard parents make good

on threat to sue school

by Jack Windsor

HILLIARD, Ohio – As previously reported by The Ohio Press Network (OPN), a group of parents with students in Hilliard City Schools (HCS) threatened to file a lawsuit in federal court if the district didn’t answer direct questions parents asked school officials about their policies on sexual conversations with kids at school and parents’ rights to know about those talks, along with any concerns from and actions by school officials related to gender dysphoria.

Those direct answers never came, according to Attorney Josh Brown who represents the concerned parents. Consequently, the lawsuit was officially filed on Tuesday in the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

In the complaint obtained by OPN, eight parents ask the court to permanently stop the school from allowing untrained employees to solicit private conversations — including those about sexual behaviors or attitudes—with students without notice to and consent from parents.

The complainants are seeking to prohibit profoundly off-curriculum displays and communications meant to educate about sex and gender dysphoria — and district-endorsed ideologies about the same. The complaint notes parents “do not seek to enjoin teachers, students, student groups, third-parties, or others from expressing their personal views in the context of legally protected speech.”

Specifically, parents want the court to forbid “I’m Here” badges worn by teachers containing QR codes — which parents say students can scan with smartphones from a distance — that link to a website for voluntary employee development that contains a video titled “Sex acts that don’t get enough play” and features words and phrases “blow job, fingering, vaginal intercourse, outercourse, fisting, rimming, watching porn, BD (bondage and discipline), masturbating, muffing, sexting and anal sex.” Parents also claim the badges welcome sexualized conversations and identify vulnerable students.




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