Darkened Pulpits…History and Hirelings of Social Justice

Episode 384: Darkened Pulpits – The History and Hirelings of Social Justice

BY TOMSAPRIME | JANUARY 20, 2023 · 7:35 AM

Darkened Pulpits: The History and Hirelings of Social Justice is a book written

Darkened Pulpits

 by Patrick Wyett. I have a very frank conversation with Patrick regarding the source of Truth and how God’s word shines through the ‘Whose Who’ involved in social justice.

This book delves into the history of Social Justice in a way that I have not seen so well researched and simply articulated. The critical points in the book are connecting the dots of the secularist, humanists, communist, educators, business leaders and the many pulpits that are darkened by this daemonic subterfuge. Who are the ‘Hirelings’ in the pulpits that have undone foundational truth? How has their teachings impacted family, church, culture and politics in the U.S. as well as the world?

I am highly impressed with Darkened Pulpits. Patrick names names with clear delineation of who the major pastors are and their interwoven relationships with the purveyors this twisted ideology that has spawned the ‘Modernist Movement,’ the ‘Business Model Church,’ ‘Seeker Friendly,’ the ‘Emergent Church,’ and ‘Neo-Evangelicalism;’ a litany just to wet your whistle with. We even talk about ‘Liberation Theology’ a bit during the Interview.

I really enjoyed talking with Patrick as we hit the high-points of Darkened Pulpits.

Episode 384: Darkened Pulpits – The History and Hirelings of Social Justice

About Patrick Wyett

Patrick is a former overseas defense contractor, Christian researcher, speaker, and writer whose articles have been published on multiple websites around the world. He is a coauthor of the book, “Social Injustice.” His books will be available exclusively at lampstandoftruthpublishing.com For now, you can contact him at his email address.

Patrick co-hosted both the “The Shining Light Podcast” at The Shining Light Ministries and “In Defense of the Republic” on Worldview Weekend TV.




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