Biosolid Lagoons in Ohio…updated February 19, 2023

Updated February 19, 2023 [See video at end of article]

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Jeff Skinner, an investigative journalist for The Heartland Beat, discusses the little known, but extremely important topic of biosolid lagoons in the State of Ohio. We must admit that we were not even remotely aware of their existence. We appreciate Jeff Skinner “puling back the curtain” and exposing this potential health risks to all of Ohioans.

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“Ohio EPA’s biosolids program regulates the disposal and/or beneficial use of sewage sludge and biosolids generated by non-industrial wastewater treatment plants in Ohio, as well as any sewage sludge or biosolids brought into Ohio by out-of-state, non-industrial wastewater treatment plants. The goals of the biosolids program are to protect public health and the environment, encourage the beneficial reuse of biosolids and minimize the creation of nuisance odors.”

Updated February 19, 2023
We added the video taken at the February 2nd Commissioners’ meeting. We updated the Commissioners on our findings after speaking to employees of the Soil and Water Conservation Department and the Lake County Landfill. Mr. Adam Litke of the Lake County Health Department confirms that biosolids are not used a fertilizer on Lake County farms.




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