Conduct Unbecoming a School Board Member

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, Riverside School District taxpayer

[LFC chose not to display the disgusting pictures presented to us because a minor child was shown in the picture.]

Lori Krenisky – President of Riverside School Board

Ms. Krenisky,

As President of the Riverside School Board, we are writing to you so that you can corroborate what we have been told by various Lake County taxpayers.

The attached pictures were screenshots of posts to a social media page.

(1) School Board member Ms. Jennifer Harden decided to take her daughter to a drag queen event for her daughter’s birthday.

(2) The second image reflects the “That’s fabulous” comment by School Board member Ms. Belinda Grassi relating to Ms. Harden’s drag queen picture.

Do the two documents, in fact, contain a picture of a drag queen event posted by Ms. Harden, and was the comment “That’s fabulous”, in fact, written by School Board member Ms. Belinda Grassi?

As taxpayers, we would like to know, in writing:

(1) The position taken by the Riverside School Board on these two images.  

(2) Is this acceptable behavior on behalf of the Riverside School Board members?  

(3) Does the Riverside School Board support or condone school age children participating in drag queen events?  

(4) Is morality important to the Riverside School Board members?

(5) Do the Riverside School Board members believe that they should set examples of good moral behavior for children in the district to follow?

On behalf of the very concerned Riverside School District taxpayers, thank you in advance for responding to this very serious request.

s/Brian Massie
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit


Here are the responses from Ms. Harden and Ms. Grassi.

Mr Massie 

I believe in supporting all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I believe there is so much more to our world than what is just here in Lake County. 

All that way back to Shakespeare men dressed as women in plays. Today still, in Great Britain, attorneys in criminal cases wear whigs in court as a sign of respect for the judicial system. 

I believe in showing my kids that there is more to the world than what they see on our streets every day. If anything, it makes me a better Board member because I am not closed minded. 

I remain committed to my District, and to accepting all people because I believe that is what good human beings do. 

We can agree to disagree on what you find appropriate for my 17-year old daughter (which by the way, she’s underage and you screenshot a photo of her which someone clearly sent to you since we are not “friends” on social media and it wasn’t a public post). 

I set a good moral example daily to my family by working hard for my District for the last 9 years, by caring for every one of their friends, and mine, regardless of their sexual orientation, teaching them that we respect and care for all human beings, because we are good people and that’s what good people do. 

I appreciate your feedback, and the fact that you also remain committed to Riverside. 

Have a good weekend Mr Massie. —

Jennifer Harden

Board Member,  Riverside Local Board of Education



Hi Mr. Massie (and others carboned here):

I’ve been to a few shows myself in both Vegas and Toronto. The performers were amazingly talented! They sing, dance, entertain, and put on one heck of a show for the packed audiences that are in attendance. I totally valued the efforts they made to entertain as any other theater event.

I am thrilled to support performance artists of all genre. I’m sure you might not be a fan yourself and that’s OK. I completely understand that not everyone sees or comprehends the value that diversity and performance art brings to our world.

Next time I attend a metal concert with my adult kids perhaps you’d like to come with me to see for yourself the amazing way all walks of life come together to enjoy a common interest. 

It’s empowering and a beautiful thing! 

I believe I gain so much more from the life God gave me by embracing all there is to offer.

Thanks for your comments and concern but I disagree with your perspective on  life philosophy. 

I’m not sure how you think this affects my business decision making ability. But as I see it, they are completely unrelated.

Have a nice day!



Here is the follow-up email that I sent to Lori Krenisky, President of the Riverside School Board:

Ms. Krenisky,

As the President of the Riverside School Board, do you plan to respond to our questions regarding morality in the Riverside School District?

If we do not hear from you this week, we will assume that you will remain silent on this important matter.  We will let the Court of Public Opinion decide if the actions by the two Riverside School members were appropriate, and reflect the overall morality of the School Board that you preside over.

Thank you,
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit


Here is the response we received from Lori Krenisky on January 22, 2023

Mr. Massie,

Ohio Sunshine Laws prohibit any discussion or deliberation of school district business outside of an open meeting.  Therefore as the board president, I am unable to respond to the board’s official position to your questions in the email from January 6, 2023 because I am not aware of the board’s official position.


Lori Krenisky

Riverside Local School District Board of Education


Scott Fishel -Riverside School Board Member

Here is the response we received from School Board member, Mr. Scott Fishel:

“Statistics show over the last several decades people who embrace alternative lifestyles have a significantly higher rate of depression, substance abuse and suicide. School board members should not be promoting nor introducing behavior that could be potentially harmful to any Riverside student.”

“We do not want even one student to fall into the category of more depression, more substance abuse or more suicide. School Board members should be models of behavior for the students and staff. That modeled behavior should be one of promoting academics, growth, and success and not behavior that could possibly be harmful to any of the students.”


Riverside School Board Member Mr. Tom Hach submitted the following comment to us:

“I believe Mr. Fishel’s comments are very insightful, and I agree with his points.”

Tom Hach


LFC Editorial Opinion by Brian Massie, Riverside School District taxpayer:

I totally disagree with Ms. Harden’s and Ms. Grassi’s opinion that drag queen shows are harmless to children. I would like everyone to read this article by Charlotte Cushman.

Charlotte Cushman is a Montessori educator who taught for over 40 years, and co-owned and operated two Montessori schools.  She has been involved in the study of Ayn Rand’s philosophy since 1970.  Her website on opposition to social justice in Montessori is

Excerpts from the article:

The authors are not teaching children how to use their minds.  Instead, they are teaching children to be abnormal, to be queer, to be pawns in the movement to tear down the normal.

Do people really think it is harmless to bring children to see sexuality portrayed not as a sacred expression of love for one special individual, but as frivolous “desecrating” for the benefit of any and all strangers?  To see sexuality divorced from thought and romance?  To see sexuality portrayed as ugly caricature?  To see sexuality, which is intensely personal, selective, and meaningful, made voyeuristic, indiscriminate, and meaningless?

The young child learns from observation; he learns from absorbing his environment.  Everything that he sees and experiences makes an impression upon his mind before he has the ability to evaluate it.  The “desecrating” of sexuality will make a child’s mind abnormal regarding sex and all cognition, and that is exactly the goal of the drag queens.  The concerns about DQSH aren’t baseless, and DQSH isn’t harmless.  It is precisely child abuse.
[LFC Add: DQSH = Drag Queen Story Hour]


Ms. Krenisky did not have an official school statement regarding this issue, and Ms. Krenisky, unfortunately, failed to voice her personal opinion on the matter.

When my children wanted a “special” birthday party, we hired a balloon blowing clown, or a magician. Never once did we even contemplate taking our children to a drag queen show, or a strip club.

It is my belief that evil works in incremental steps. After drag queens are normalized in our society, what is next? Will the stigma of pedophilia be merely an “unfortunate attraction to minor children”? How about bestiality – is that acceptable?

When we destroy the family, babies and morality, a society will collapse. That is precisely one of the Communist goals – destroy the traditional family.

As a taxpayer that is coerced into paying ever-increasing property taxes to fund public schools, I refuse to just sit back and watch impressionable children be groomed and indoctrinated with ever-expanding perversions.

The Riverside School District receives $5,000 per year from me in property taxes. I have been assessed over $85,000 for property taxes since living in Concord. I believe that gives me the right, as do all taxpayers have, to critique the conduct and performance of the school district and its school board members.

Allowing underage children to view a drag queen show is totally unacceptable. In our opinion, it demonstrates a serious lack of good judgement and an unacceptable moral standard befitting a trusted school board member.

We, hereby, ask for the immediate resignation of Ms. Jennifer Harden, and Ms. Belinda Grassi, from the Riverside School Board for conduct unbecoming a school board member.


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