Is Your Sheriff a Constitutional Sheriff or CPS’ Strong-arm?

Are Constitutional Sheriffs America’s Hope to Ending Child Protective Services’ Tyranny?

Is Your Sheriff a Constitutional Sheriff or CPS’ Strong-arm?

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Does Your Local Sheriff Allow Social Workers to Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

Excerpts from article:

Too often, readers feel overwhelmed by the tragic stories published on, wondering how they can help, what can be done to change the current system, and fearing that they could become the next victims of Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies across the country. These fears are compounded when those whom should be trusted to protect the family’s and children’s best interest, like medical doctors or local law enforcement, are often the ones aiding and abetting CPS against the family, instead of advocating for the family.

Too often, the stories shared with show blatant disregard for the rule of law and expose brazen violations of 4th Amendment rights when CPS and local law enforcement show up to remove children based on anonymous tips and hearsay, for parents seeking a second medical opinion, or just because a social worker (or neighbor) does not agree with how a particular family chooses to live, whether it be off-the-grid, choosing to homeschool, or wanting to choose alternative medical treatments. (See: Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Child in America Today.)

This article will focus on how concerned citizens can and should begin a conversation with their local sheriff, an elected official who is oath-bound to abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to protect their constituents. This would apply to protection from illegal search and seizures, especially in regards to aiding and abetting CPS when searching homes and seizing children without a warrant, and without probable cause, exigent circumstances or imminent danger being substantiated. It often appears that these public servants, our sheriffs and other local law enforcement, are taking their orders from CPS social workers, to act against the people, instead of protecting the people from violations of their God-given freedoms.

Law enforcement has a duty to investigate crimes, whereas CPS workers are not even trained to investigate crimes. Law enforcement must follow the law when investigating and obtaining evidence, or it will not be admissible in court, since criminal court requires the highest standard of evidence – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Family Court, on the other hand, works on the lowest level of evidence – The Preponderance of Evidence – which means that a certain allegation just needs to be likely to be true, and therefore requires little investigation by social workers, other than mere opinions.

Citizens need to require that sheriffs lawfully do their jobs when investigating child abuse allegations, and that sheriffs demand that social workers within their jurisdiction conduct home visits lawfully, only entering a home with a warrant and probable cause, or they will face criminal charges when sued by those whose rights were violated.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact their sheriff, bringing to light the grievances of the people as a result of an over-zealous, often law-breaking child protective service in their area. Share specific stories from of how CPS workers, often accompanied by law enforcement, acted in violation of the Constitutional Rights of the people. Encourage sheriffs to keep their oath, showing them the case laws and how neither they, nor their deputies, will be found immune when citizens fight back in court as a result of these violations of their rights. This article is intended to be a document that can be printed out and shared with your local sheriff.

Sheriffs, deputies, and all local law enforcement need to be reminded of their oath of office, which is to uphold the Constitutional rights of parents and children in their jurisdiction, and to cease and desist from unlawful compliance with CPS to remove children from their homes. Encourage your sheriff, and other local law enforcement, to get involved with the Constitutional Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), and to study and comply with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Sheriffs: The Last Line of Defense for the People

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