Ohio Leftists Discover Convenient Nazi Homeschoolers

Ohio Leftists Discover Convenient Nazi Homeschoolers

by Linda Harvey, Mission America

February 12, 2023


Just in time to attack big education policy bills at the Ohio Statehouse, the state’s progressive Democrats unveil what appears to be an Ohio neo-Nazi homeschooling family and their podcast called the Dissident Homeschool channel.

Wow, the timing is so fortuitous, isn’t it? The left can thank their friends at the Huffington PostVice and researchers at Anonymous Comrades Collective (communists?). And of course behind the scenes, we are likely to find the muscle and ill-gotten funds of the teachers’ unions.

The free-speech-loving Dems are shocked, shocked that there aren’t more “regulations” on Ohio home school education and several quickly called for an investigation about such hate. Never mind the regular expressions of hate they inflict on others, even more so as they deploy this sketchy couple as poster children depicting all they fantasize is amiss with conservatives. Every sane, just person rejects neo-Nazi ideology, but scratch a progressive and you’ll find many who are convinced that America’s conservatives are of the same mindset.

It’s quite the opposite. Progressives are the ones more likely to be spewing actual anti-Semitism these days and actual racism.

But hand-wringing Ohio Department of Education officials report there’s nothing under current law they can do to crack down on homeschoolers (as much as they seem to want to).

There’s little regulation of curriculum under Ohio homeschool requirements, just regular reporting about classwork and a choice of tests administered. How horrible that freedom is allowed, and a few parents might teach something you find offensive.

Time to amend, amend Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 11, especially when those bills arrive at the Ohio House, where 22 teacher-union-funded Republicans may be pressed into doing the Democrats’ bidding.

The reality is, if that Nazi-espousing family enrolls their children in public school, the wayward parents would still heavily influence what their kids think. So what’s the Democratic solution? Ban homeschooling? Require supplemental indoctrination classes?

Pay ransom to the Ohio Education Association? Oh, wait—lots of teachers and school staff are already doing that.

I know lots of homeschooling families and those who monitor home school policy in Ohio. No one’s ever heard of the Lawrence neo-Nazi family in Upper Sandusky. The composition of the alleged 2300 “members” of this Dissident Homeschool channel is likely to be 50 obscure fascist sympathizers and 2250 posers/progressive observers, salivating to manufacture a harmful narrative inaccurately smearing all conservative Christians.

It’s probably yet another phony hate label from the left, helpful to deflect conflict and maintain the status quo in Ohio schools instead of responsibly addressing a profound failure of academics. Reading and math assessments show that Ohio students in 2019 and 2022 scored at around 50% or less proficiency in 4th and 8th grades. Two dangers here—1) poorly educated youth unprepared for adulthood and 2) unchallenged minds ripe for propaganda.

And our schools are certainly delivering that. Ohio’s public school parents are reporting “social emotional learning” amateur psychology imposed on more and more Ohio students; bigoted grammar lessons; hallways full of pride flags and rainbow nametags pitching sexual depravity/gender mutilation; libraries featuring Gender QueerAll Boys Aren’t BlueJulian is a Mermaid and numerous other tomes of mental molestation; and determined dissemination regardless of parent approval of actually racist “anti-racism” messages through Ibram X. Kendi’s books, the 1619 Project, etc.

Recent undercover videos by Accuracy in Media caught Ohio school administrators digging in their heels to perpetuate not only the “CRT” brainwashing in public schools, but revealing how apparently brainwashed these administrators are themselves.

The hypocrisy and double standards are over-the-top. Those pushing so hard for “diversity, equity and inclusion” seem threatened by a handful of people teaching their own children ideology virtually no one agrees with and which will get no traction anywhere.

In fact, if we are looking for growing anti-Semitism, look no further than the Democratic Party and progressives on college campuses. That’s where the most frequent anti-Jewish, anti-Israel sentiments now originate. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are just the tip of virulent leftist anti-Semitism. Louis FarrakhanLinda Sarsour —the list goes on.

But they depend on the ignorance of most of their followers, so leftists will keep pointing the finger elsewhere to widen the “Nazi/white supremacist/racist/anti-Semitic” umbrella to allegedly include all conservatives and Christians.

And Republicans. It’s why the pathetic Southern Poverty Law Center keeps attacking conservative Christians. There just aren’t enough Ku Klux Klan adherents or neo-Nazis to raise big money.

The framework is a huge lie. A Gallup poll in 2021 asked the question about approval/disapproval of biracial marriage. In the approval column, 94% said marriage between races is fine. These disinformation campaigns just don’t work and most people are quickly catching on. Americans continue working peacefully alongside fellow citizens of another race. And going to church together, gathering in neighborhoods together, cheering on their children’s teams together, and being part of the same family.

America is not a racist country and our children do not need divisive “let’s all judge people on skin color” race-baiting curricula inaccurately representing American history. Ohio schools are now full of this nonsense.

But here’s how the Huffington Post tries to connect these dots:

   “As extreme as the Dissident Homeschool channel is, the propaganda it shares targeting the American education system is just a more explicit and crass articulation of talking points made by Fox News hosts or by major figures in the Republican Party.”

Yeah, right. Here we go again with leftwing bigotry and stereotyping—but it’s okay apparently if they do it. My Ohio statehouse representative, Allison Russo (D- Upper Arlington), big abortion supporter and minority leader, reacted to the Nazi homeschooler report, tweeting out: “This is what the indoctrination of children looks like and it’s terrifying…” She also complained about “weak laws that allow a pro-Nazi curriculum.”

Well, who needs statehouse officials who are easily terrified and so duplicitous? Ms. Russo should look closer to home and clean up her own house.

And, Russo should support life for these children in the first place. Let children live– then let’s worry about what they are taught.


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