Glenn Beck Exposing the Ohio Gang of 22

Glenn Beck and Ohio State Rep. Ron Ferguson call out the Gang of 22 RINO Republican Swamp Creatures! These TRAITORS sold Ohio out to the lobbyists, unions and special interest group. Say goodbye to meaningful Prolife legislation, to the Backpack bill (School Choice for all kids). They cut a deal with ALL 32 Democrats giving the House Speakership to a Democrat friendly Republican, and betraying Ohioans all for their own selfish political gain.

By Joe Miller, Citizen Journalist


News from the Ohio Press Network

22 lawmakers who opposed conservative speaker have taken nearly $350,000 from government unions

by Lisa Murtha & Jack Windsor

Feb 9, 2023

Republican Ohio State Representatives (from left to right) Bill Seitz (Cincinnati), Jason Stephens (Kitts Hill) and Jay Edwards (Nelsonville).

On paper, the state of Ohio appears to be as red as they come. Per, “Ohio has a Republican trifecta and a Republican triplex,” meaning Republicans hold the offices of governor, secretary of state and attorney general (triplex), and they also control both chambers of the state legislature (a trifecta when the governor is of the same party).

This is not a new development. The Ohio Senate has been controlled by Republicans exclusively since 1992; the Ohio House has been controlled by Republicans for 26 of the last 31 years; and a Republican has been governor of Ohio for 27 of the past 31 years as well (Democrat Ted Strickland’s tenure was the only exception, from 2007-2010).

Comparing Ohio to other Republican strongholds, though — there are currently 22 Republican trifectas and 24 Republican triplexes in the U.S. — it’s easy to see a marked difference.

Florida, which has been a Republican trifecta for 24 years straight and a Republican triplex for all but one of those years, is among the national leaders for parental advocacy. Gov. DeSantis passed the Parental Rights in Education bill last February, banned critical race theory (CRT) from K-12 curricula last April and is in process of banning CRT teaching at Florida colleges, too. The Sunshine State also has Right to Work laws in place for both private- and public-sector workers. And Texas, which has been a Republican trifecta and triplex without exception for 20 years straight, also has Right to Work laws in place for public- and private-sector workers, as well as signed legislation since 2021 abolishing CRT outright.

Back in Ohio, state legislators are forging ahead on some crucial Republican Party issues. And yet, Ohio is far from the leader of the pack when it comes to proposing and enacting laws that strongly represent the Republican Party platform.

Although it’s currently blocked while a lawsuit against it moves through a county court, the state does have a “heartbeat” abortion law, signed in 2019, which protects unborn children from abortion starting at roughly six weeks. However, House Speaker Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill) has opened the door for progressives and people who support killing unborn children to place a constitutional amendment initiative on an upcoming ballot for all Ohioans to consider. Stephens — who became speaker after partnering with 22 Republicans who broke their promises to the Republican caucus, rejected Rep. Derek Merrin (R-Monclova) and joined all 32 House Democrats to vote for Stephens instead (behind closed doors, House Republicans had unanimously agreed in November to vote for Merrin) — did so by failing to timely pass a resolution calling for 60% voter approval to enact a state constitutional amendment.

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