Jews and Christian Must Stand Together as Patriots

The disturbing increase in antisemitism and antisemitic incidents is, in my opinion, leftist political maneuvering designed to destabilize the Judeo-Christian tradition that is the infrastructure of Americanism and the US Constitution. It is the old divide and conquer strategy that successfully weakens alliances. While the Jewish community remains focused on antisemitism in religious terms, the enemies of America are collapsing the political foundation of our constitutional republic.

The globalists who fund and foment worldwide antisemitism, are skilled strategists who understand the dynamics of divide and conquer. Globalists always play both sides against each other. Leftists are useful idiots being used to create social chaos in America, and actually believe that socialism is the end game. But the Jewish community is being used as well. As long as the Jewish community defines antisemitism as a religious attack instead of a political attack, it is being used by the globalists just like the radical left is, to divide and conquer. 

Jews and Christians must stand together as patriots to oppose the leftist/globalist attack on America. If not, the globalist Uniparty will succeed in imposing its feudal, globalist, managerial Unistate where there will be no Jews or Christians, only masters and slaves. 

Linda Goudsmit / February 22, 2023  and website:




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