Trapped in the System

The Columbus Dispatch, May 2014

Sent to LFC by a Concerned Citizen –

Franklin County, Ohio – Geralyn Stancin spent 7 years trying to regain her freedom from her court appointed guardian. She finally did but not until after the guardian had sold her home and everything in it. Even though the guardian was found to be guilty, Geralyn has never been compensated for her financial losses and her physical and emotional trauma.

Today, Geralyn lives in squalor and stuggles to make it through each day. From what I am told, the guardian sold her home for over $200,000.00.

A home, which today is worth over $500,00.00

Geralyn has contacted several attorneys throughout the years, but they all refuse to touch this case. They refuse to go against their own peers in fear of retaliation. This should be a clear picture of what happens in those private corporations they call “courts” They destroy one life after another, while they all reap in the cash, and no one is ever held accountable by those who should be holding them accountable.

Geralyn is just one of so many which the system has destroyed, and the criminals in public office are never been held accountable. This will never change unless WE change it, with Common Law solutions, under God!

Please keep Geralyn in your prayers.


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