Brandon Towns…”Not so better in Mentor”

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Mr. Brandon Towns, a resident of the Mentor School District, wants to clarify his public comments from the March 14 School Board meeting. We are gladly providing Mr. Towns a platform to get his message out to the citizens of the school district and all of Lake County.

Sometimes it is better just to sit back and listen, or read, as the opposition clearly defines who and what they are.

Here is a previous article from the October 15, 2022 Mentor School Board meeting where Mr. Towns leaves no doubt about his feelings toward Christians.

How committed is the Mentor School District to the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity agenda?

We thank Mr. Towns for taking the time to clarify his comments made at the last school board meeting. Believe me, the entire Mentor School District understands your position.


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