Project Veritas Exposes Child Groomers

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Child groomers are just pure EVIL!


Project Veritas released its third video today exposing the sexual indoctrination of young children taking place in schools across the state of New York.

Elisa Waters, who is the founder of LGBTeach as well as a Middle School teacher in Long Island, was recorded bragging about how she pushes gender ideology in the classroom.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Elisa Waters, Founder of LGBTeach, Spanish & Social Justice Teacher, Jericho Middle School: “The truth is that we know that kids are coming out at younger and younger ages…We have kids as early as two, three years of age.”
  • Waters: “Even though I’m not an Elementary-level educator, it’s probably my favorite group to work with — working with staff and admin, because if we could actually do more of this conversation with Elementary-aged kids, by the time they get to me in Middle School, or some of you in High School, we’ll be in a better place…The more we can do at the Elementary level – breaking down the gender binary, getting rid of girls and boys…”
  • Waters: “I particularly love working with families and helping them, you know, practicing, you know, affirmation through their children’s journey of sexuality and gender.”
  • Waters: “I always tell untenured teachers, ‘You’re going to have more longevity making change if you maybe play it a little safer for a little longer’…Lean on your tenured colleagues to do some of this work because we need you.”
  • Waters: “I always say — and I’m not saying don’t do the work — but do it with caution, because if you’re sitting here right now, it means in three to four years when you get that tenured seat, then you can do even more work.”

You can watch the full video by CLICKING HERE.

Joseph Wiener, the Principal of Wheatley School who has worked with Waters, shared his thoughts about her to a Veritas journalist.

“She lives that activism and that purpose every minute of every day,” he said.

Wiener also talked about his own methods for political activism in school.

“We brought in speakers who taught kids how to be anti-racist, and you know, kind of define, ‘What does it mean to be an anti-racist?’ And parents would say, ‘You’re indoctrinating my child. We don’t believe–’ Wait, you don’t believe in being anti-racist?”

The principal affirmed that there is no middle ground when it comes to the conversation around racism.

“That speaker who we had, that anti-racist guest speaker said, ‘You’re either racist or you’re anti-racist,’” Wiener said.

“There’s no in-between. If you’re not doing anti-racist work, then you are contributing to racial divide.”


In Truth,

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