Lake Metroparks Rangers’ Pay Scale…updated 3/20/23

We sent the following records request to Mr. Paul Palagyi, Director of the Lake Metroparks.

Mr. Palagyi,

During the Commissioners’ meeting, the subject of pay for Sheriff’s Deputies is compared to the pay scale for Lake Metroparks Rangers.

I have some questions:

1.  What is the current pay scale for Rangers and the Staff at Lake Metroparks?

2. Are medical benefits provided for Rangers and the Staff at Lake Metroparks?

3. Are dental benefits provided for Rangers and the Staff at Lake Metropark?

The Prosecutor’s office and the Sheriff’s Department have voiced concerns that they cannot get qualified applicants for their positions, and therefore must significantly increase the pay scale for their staff.  Are you having the same problems at Lake Metroparks?

Thank you for your transparency with the citizens of Lake County.
Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens


Here is Mr. Palagyi’s timely response to our records request:

Dear Mr Massie,

Thanks for your inquiry.  Attached is the wage range chart from our current collective bargaining agreement with our Rangers.  As you would expect, the salaries are dependent upon the years of service of the employee/applicant.

Yes, we have certainly had a hard time finding applicants for a wide range of positions at Lake Metroparks including Rangers.  For example, we have been unable to find qualified lifeguards for the beach in Fairport which has forced us not to guard the beach three days a week which really pains me.  Specifically with regard to the recruitment and retention of Rangers, it is much more difficult to recruit and retain qualified law enforcement professionals today than it was five years ago.  We used to receive at least 15-20 applications when we posted open Ranger positions.  Today, we get around 5 applications for a posting and it is not uncommon for us to have to extend postings in search of qualified applicants.  Other government agencies, who are all competing for the same pool of law enforcement applicants, are offering large signing bonuses from $5,000 – $10,000 and some large municipalities are hiring consulting firms to help them find law enforcement professionals.  I can attest that the market for law enforcement professionals is very competitive.  I would also point out that law enforcement positions can be very different based on the responsibilities and the environment that the officers have to work in.  Our Rangers have a very different job than a Deputy Sherriff and a very different job than a Cleveland Metropark Ranger so I would expect their compensation to be different as well.

Yes, we provide Rangers and staff with medical and dental benefits.

I hope this information is helpful.

Have a great weekend,



Hourly Wage Rates for Lake Metroparks Rangers
Ranger PositionHourly RateAnnual Rate
Ranger Sergeant$38.3880$79,847.04
Ranger Lieutenant$41.7258$86,789.66
Ranger Lieutenant$41.2078$85,712.22
Chief Ranger$47.0020$97,764.16
Salaries of Metroparks Rangers




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