Public Schools are Destroying Our Nation

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Critics rip new nationwide school program pushing community-set standards, warn it uses kids as ‘experiments’

Georgia mom sounds alarm on country-wide curriculum which she says uses children’s minds ‘like a playground’

By Kendall Tietz | Fox News

Excerpts from the article:

EXCLUSIVE: Educators at 120 districts across the country are participating in a new program some critics believe is aimed at manipulating students’ values and beliefs to replace parents as the primary moral authority in their child’s lives. 

The School Superintendent’s Association’s (ASSA) Learning 2025 program calls for a “holistic redesign” of the United States’ public education system, with an eye toward equity, by 2025, but districts across the country have already started rolling out the program. 

The program was spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic and is based on a “student-centered, equity-focused” education commission report, published by the AASA in 2021. 

One aspect of the report tasks educators, employers, parents and the public with “establishing a Portrait of what a graduate and citizen of the community should look like.” The report says this portrait of a learner, including the “hopes aspirations and dreams” of young people, should be defined by the broader community, not only the students or parents. 

“There is an overall intentionality of pushing the parents out of the picture, of students being led to believe … that they don’t have to adhere to the standards that their parents may have for them,” Terei said.


LFC Comments: Sadly, the communists behind this movement do not have to get 100% of the children indoctrinated into their agenda. Just enough to divide and conquer a nation in 20 years. We would highly suggest that you read the entire article by clicking on the link above.




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