Watch Lake County Engineer Backpedal on County Needs

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Something is wrong, very wrong in Lake County when talking about roads and bridges. At the Engineer’s budget hearing on February 23, 2023 Mr. Jim Gills, County Engineer, said that there were “not really any main concerns” [~2:00 minute mark in the video below] that would require any additional funding.

However, at the budget hearing on March 28, 2023 Mr. Gills provides a list of $9,632,300 million in projects. What happened Mr. Gills? Who asked you to generate the list, and why? If all of these projects are vitally important to the safety and welfare of the citizens, why did you say at your February budget meeting that you had “not really any main concerns”?

We are definitely getting the impression that politics are at play, and someone has an agenda. We expect much more honesty, integrity, and transparency from an elected official that has held the office for such a very long time.



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