Separating Your Child From You

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is “circling the drain”. With the push for normalization of LGBT, transgenderism, drag queens, separating parents from their children, we have to wonder if there is any line that will not be crossed. The following is an email we received form “Courage is a Habit” dealing with transgender issues in Washington State.

After the article, we are advertising the message from our new friend, Erin Brewer, from the State of Utah and her personal struggle with transgenderism.


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Separating Your Child From You

If you do not affirm your children’s Transgender delusions the state can now separate them from you.

Besides the obvious reason for protecting children from being butchered and becoming lifelong medical patients, Courage Is A Habit fights hard against the Transgender Cult in schools because their ultimate goal is separating children from their parents.

The Transgender Cult works hand-in-hand with sex trafficking as it sexualizes and confuses children early, making them more vulnerable to child exploitation. Many detransitioners and older Transsexuals have similar stories about such horrific abuse. 

Child Mutilation Advocates (CMA) have saturated K-12 with the idea that parents are “unsafe and abusive” if they do not affirm their child’s transgender delusion. This culture shift is then used to leverage state policy so the government is now doing the bidding of the Transgender Cult.

Here is a small example from a Florida public school educator. We see this exact rhetoric from K-12 school counselors, social workers, teachers, and school board members across America.

One of the biggest reasons why CMAs use language such as “lies, misinformation, fear mongering”, “it’s not happening”, “bigot, transphobe” is to stonewall parents until bills like SB 5599 can be passed. 

These types of bills are being pushed across the country, regardless if you live in a red or blue state, because every school system in America has being infiltrated by Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Through this Trojan horse, disguised as mental health initiatives, your schools are being flooded with school counselors and social workers whose mission is to shill for the Transgender Cult. They are weaponizing children in K-12 to demand bills such as SB 5599.


Download the following tools from our catalog to help you protect your children from the Transgender Cult in K-12:

  1. Download “Behind Closed Doors Part IPart IV” to learn about how “mental health initiatives” are used to smuggle in indoctrination. Then use the opt-out form on the last page to protect your child.
  2. Download “Stranger Danger” to learn how to inoculate your child when they are away from you at school. We recommend 4 strategies that every family can modify based on their values and the age of their child.



We had the privilege of having Erin Brewer, Phd on a Buckeye Patriots podcast on April 17, 2023. Look for the podcasts to be published on this website very soon. Here are her three books that deal with the topic of transgenderism.


From Erin Brewer: I wanted to share this video from a pastor in Colorado Springs, he is standing firm on truth!


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