The Unholy Alliance of Black Rock and China

Black Rock and China

By Linda Goudsmit  and website:

Take a look at the growth of BlackRock – an American multi-national investment company – now the world’s largest investment management firm, and follow the money to China. 

It is difficult for Americans to process the megalomania of the globalist mindset, whose perspective eliminates the nation state, national sovereignty, and individual sovereignty. Globalists only see a singular world market for their goods and services – there are no other considerations. The problem, of course, is that money is power, and the globalist perspective puts the globalist elite in charge of the world and its assets, whether the currency is dollars, gold, yuan, rubles, or ESG points. Globalism is 21st century feudalism. Its singular objective is totalitarian control of the world, its assets, and its population. Globalism’s one-world government is slavery on a planetary scale. Checkmate. 





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