Lakeland Community College…Executives in Residence & Workforce Development

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We received an inquiry from a Lake County taxpayer about the Executive in Residence program at Lakeland Community College. We sent a records request for the agreements between the college and Mr. David Enzerra, Mr. Michael Benz, and Mr. John Rampe.

The agreements between the college and the three individuals are shown below.

Mr. Enzerra is paid $86,400 as an annual retainer. Mr. Benz and Mr. Rampe receive $60,000 per year.

Lake County taxpayers pay $19 million a year in property taxes to Lakeland Community College.

In our opinion, the Lake County political subdivisions continue to grow at an unsustainable pace on the backs of the average citizen.

These agreements are not part of the new “Workforce Development Manager” position that has been recently created by Lakeland. The Lake County Commissioners, led by Commissioner Rich Regovich, agreed to pay $75,000 per year for three years as matching funds for this new position. This new position is not part of the Workforce Development program controlled by Lake County’ Job and Family Services’ Ohio Means Jobs program. That program is funded by a $2 million grant from the federal government.

Another records request to Mr. Joel DiMara, Lake County Director of Administrative Services, produced this list of entities that handle the “Workforce Development” program for Lake County and their contract amount.

We were curious about the Catholic Charities involvement and asked for their contract. Our observation is that Catholic Charities is a VERY large business.

We have never heard of Ohio Guidestone, so we did some searching.

“Ohio Guidestone offers services for mental health, substance use disorder, family care, foster care, juvenile justice, residential treatment, home-based counseling, job training and more. Our business is helping people in a way that suits them best. Ohio Guidestone has locations across Ohio.”

There is a recurring theme that we are starting to hear about throughout Lake County, and perhaps it is nationwide. The theme is “Mental Health”. We have heard it in discussions about schools, the proposed new jail, Lakeland Community College surveys, Corrections Board meetings, Narcotics Board meetings, and Workforce Development.

And if the country continues to stay on the Democrats’ path of destruction, we will all be needing to see a mental health therapist!



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