Project Veritas Exposing Pedophilia

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Thanks to Luciana for sending this article to us. Beware – this article may contain material that may be offensive to you.


Project Veritas released a new video today exposing an underground online pedophile network — which was brought to us by Data Security Expert, Ryan Montgomery.

Montgomery sat down with Veritas to detail how he uncovered a wide-ranging network of individuals who view and share child pornography by using random emails and usernames to avoid law enforcement detection.

Here is some of what is featured in today’s video:

  • Jonathan, Rapey.To Member: “I just viewed” child pornography.
  • Jonathan: “I was” trying to receive child pornography.
  • Jonathan: “That sort of thing is connected to my addiction…Porn.”
  • Jonathan: “I did have a fetish [for child pornography]. I have therapy to help me get over that addiction.”
  • Jonathan: “You gonna tell the police?”
  • Ryan Montgomery, Whistleblower & Data Security Expert: “I saw that there were pedophiles, self-proclaimed serial killers, rapists, every single type of horrible human being you can imagine [on this website].”

You can watch the full video by CLICKING HERE.

Montgomery told Veritas that he came forward because he trusted Veritas’ journalism. He believes that exposing potential pedophiles to protect children is a worthwhile endeavor.

“Am I scared of the legal implications? Obviously, yes. I don’t want to go through any legal ramifications for trying to do a good thing [by exposing pedophiles]. I had no bad intentions. I was trying to help children.”

Be Brave,

Project Veritas Team


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