It’s the bottom of the ninth, and we are down by 10!

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, Average Citizen, Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Luciana for sending the following article to us. Although things may look bleak right now in our land and in the world, as Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee’s catcher – not the cartoon character for the under 40 reader, famously said: “It ain’t over, till it’s over!”

Freedom is not free! We cannot let the deep state traitors, and the globalists destroy our nation, or the world.

When churches remain silent and good men and women do nothing to protect our children, we know that are in a spiritual war of good versus evil.

We do not believe that we are overstating our position when we say that the 2024 election is going to be for “all the marbles”. The communists, and their useful idiots, in our midst must know it, and will be “pulling out all the stops” to create chaos in our land to negatively impact the elections.

We cannot let the deaths or injuries of the patriots that fought in wars to protect our freedoms be in vain.

We suggest that you buckle up, because the ride is going to be very bumpy.

A Watchman on the Wall…


What is this movement all about? It is a historically unsurpassed trend of hundreds of millions of people worldwide who – for the first time in their life – are beginning to understand what is really going on in our world. Instead of blindly believing what they see on the news, they begin to think for themselves, do personal research and discover the truth about world events.

These hundreds of millions of people are seeing how serious corruption has infested every area of human society: governments, news media, healthcare, education, elections, and so on. In order to take down this worldwide spiderweb of corruption, the informed part of humanity is spreading eye-opening truth to the rest of the world, to warn and protect everyone. Among them are many of the world’s most brilliant scientists, physicians, attorneys, detectives, journalists, investigators, and so on.

The agenda for world domination

What is the motivation behind the worldwide corruption? Why is there such an effort to infiltrate every aspect of human society? The answer is very simple: globalization. 

Globalization means the eradication of national sovereignty and personal liberty, and bringing all of humanity under the control of a small group of people who determine what happens in our world. Ultimately the goal is to establish a one world government, run by unelected financial entities.

That is nothing new, as we have seen this exact agenda all throughout history, where one world empire succeeded the other: the Chinese, Greek, Roman, Spanish, British and other world empires. For thousands of years there have always been entities who lusted for world domination. It’s no different in our time. 

Globalist organizations who are pushing this agenda today, are for example the World Economic Forum, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the European Union, the WorldBank and so on.

Interestingly all these globalist organizations are owned by the same group of people.

Controlling every detail of our lives

Part of this plan is to implement worldwide systems of unprecedented control over humanity. Every form of personal freedom must be eradicated. 

For this purpose these globalists are developing digital ID’s, which will be connected to every detail of our lives. These ID’s will show, for example, whether we have received our umpteenth vaccine booster, which then will determine whether or not we will be allowed to participate in society. Missing a single injection, throws you back to the status of being “unvaccinated” which means you will be an outcast from society.  

During the pandemic we saw test runs for this in dozens of countries, where unvaccinated people were not allowed to shop, bank, gather, work, travel, etc. Without ongoing injections, participation in human society was forbidden. As the pandemic faded, many of these tyrannical mandates were lifted.

However, the publicly released plans of the globalists confirm that their intention is to make them permanent. 

Discover the truth,
and find hope

Our World Freedom Directory shows over one thousand organizations all around the world who are part of this unprecedented movement to warn humanity, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We set up the website to inform humanity, and protect our beautiful world from these tyrants. The website is divided in three main sections: 

✔︎ World Domination
✔︎ Crimes Against Humanity
✔︎ Saving the World

“World Domination” shows evidence for the agenda to submit all of humanity to suffocating tyranny. “Crimes Against Humanity” lists several worldwide criminal operations that are causing unspeakable suffering on earth. The section “Saving the World” offers hope and inspiration for a better future.

Make sure to have a look and become well informed and armed. This will revolutionize your life in a good way. Learning truth is hard at first, but it does liberate you from dangerous deceptions, and it empowers you to become effective in taking a stand against the forces of evil in our world.

We are not here to be cowards who run away and hide. We were born to become heroes who stand for a better future for humanity.

Check out the several sections of our website, and please share this message far and wide. Send it to people of influence in your community such as law enforcement, local government, local newspapers, schools, etc. 



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