Carolyn Brakey Announces Campaign for Geauga County Commissioner


Will leverage her proven professional conservative leadership to address county government dysfunction. 

Bainbridge Township, OH, June 10, 2023 – Carolyn Brakey, President of the Geauga County Board of  Health, announced today that she is running as a Republican for Geauga County Commissioner. The  announcement occurred at a well-attended meet-and-greet event at the home of Shanley and Dane  Davis in Bainbridge Township, OH. Brakey will seek one of the two Commissioner seats up for election in  2024. 

Photo by Jonathan Williams 

“Those who hold positions of power in the upper echelons of county government are quick to concede  that their relationships are irreparably broken,” Brakey said to the more than 75 attendees, including  more than a dozen current and former elected officials. “The two Commissioners up for reelection literally aren’t on speaking terms with many other county officials, let alone collaborating to solve  Geauga’s problems.”

Brakey was quick to note that her critique of the two Commissioners up for reelection was not personal.  “I actually like both men who are up for reelection. I’m certainly not claiming this extreme dysfunction is  exclusively their fault. Yet we know success has many fathers, but failure is always an orphan. Like any  orphan, do you know what our failing county government desperately needs? A mom.” 

Brakey has followed an unlikely path into politics, spurred on by how harsh Covid policies impacted her  family and community. “My political origin story is simple and unremarkable: Up until 2020, I was an  apolitical mom. But they hurt our kids too often and for too long. Enough was enough,” Brakey stated. 

Shortly after her appointment to the Board of Health, Brakey was the principal author of Geauga Public  Health’s August 2022 Covid-19 Guidance in Schools. The guidance affirmed parental mask choice, ended  quarantine recommendations for the healthy, and championed personal freedom over government  mandates. All Geauga County schools ended their restrictive Covid procedures immediately thereafter,  with school districts like West Geauga expressly citing the guidance as their rationale. 

Brakey told the audience, “I am a fighter. Check the receipts. We dismantled Geauga’s Covid regime  brick-by-brick with our bare hands. I am proud of who I was then, what I stood for, and the actions I took  during that terrible period of time; a time when it was so easy to do wrong, but so hard to do right.” 

Brakey expressly laid out her vision on how she could improve county government. She noted her  campaign’s use of the slogan “Better with Brakey.” Carolyn shared with her supporters what would be  better with Brakey: 

I will introduce the same professional conservative leadership to the Board of Commissioners that I’ve  brought to the Board of Health. We will contract the size and reach of government while expanding  individual freedom. 

I will be visible, accessible, and active in the community. I will serve as a catalyst to identify needs and  drive results. 

I will work respectfully with all factions within the Geauga GOP and outside of it. I will partner with all who  want to move Geauga forward in a more responsive, efficient, and virtuous direction. 

Carolyn resides in Russell Township with her husband Matt Brakey and their eight-year-old boy/girl  twins. She is a business attorney and has her own law practice, Brakey Law. She also runs Brakey Energy  with her husband. Both companies are Geauga County-based businesses. Brakey Energy was founded in  1999 to provide energy management services to Geauga-based manufacturers, having since expanded to  all of Ohio. 

Brakey has her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College and holds a law  degree from Case Western Reserve University. She is a member of Fellowship City Church in Bainbridge  Township where she often serves in the children’s ministry. Brakey is a graduate of the Jo Ann Davidson  Leadership Ohio Leadership Institute, and the District 3 Vice President for the Ohio Federation of  Republican Women. She has been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers®, and has been honored by  Crain’s Cleveland Business as a Notable General Counsel and as a member of its Forty Under 40 class. 

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