Commissioner John Hamercheck Speaks About Issue 1

It is estimated that only 12% of the registered voters will vote in the August 8th special election. So how many people will decide the fate of Issue 1 for the citizens of Lake County?

Estimated total population in Lake County: 232,023
Number of registered voters from BOE website: 160,594 (69.2% of the total population) [160,594 / 232,023]

Estimated 12% of the registered voters will show up to vote: 19,271 (160,594 x .12)
Number of votes needed to pass or defeat an issue: 9,636 [(19,271 x .50)+1]

% of Lake County voters that will decide the issue for the rest of the citizens: 4.2% [9,636 / 232, 203]

This is why it is important the we “get out the vote” on August 8th. Early voting starts on July 11th, either in person at the Lake County Board of Elections, or by paper ballot.

Thanks to Commissioner Hamercheck pointing out the facts to us.

Lake County Commission supports voting YES on Issue 1.




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