Has Jamie Callender Gone to the Dark Side?…Updated June 26th at 5:30 pm

Updated June 26, 2023 5:30 pm [Rep. Callender’s office sent a ;link to a website explaining his votes.]

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, A Watchman on the Wall, Mugwump

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By Linda Harvey

Ohio House Passes Bills on Parental Rights & ‘Trans’ Treatment of Children

Great news! The Ohio House of Representatives passed two important bills, one protecting parental rights in education and another prohibiting medical “transgender”treatments for children. And, this latter bill incorporated another bill, the Save Women’s Sports Act, to maintain separate sex school athletic teams.

This is terrific news, and all Ohioans should thank their representatives who voted in favor of these bills.

But the job is not done until the Ohio Senate also passes these bills and they are signed by Governor DeWine. Will the Senate act in a prompt fashion? Will the governor sign?


LFC Comments:

So how did our State Representative, Jamie Callender and Daniel Troy, vote for these pieces of legislation? Let us provide you with the facts:


House Bill 68

Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act

To require schools, state institutions of higher education, and private colleges to designate separate single-sex teams and sports for each sex.

Physicians cannot:

  • “Perform gender reassignment surgery on a minor individual”
  • “Prescribe a cross-sex hormone or puberty-blocking drug for a minor individual”
  • Aid or abet a minor’s access to the above types of care

Mental health professionals cannot:

  • “Diagnose or treat” any minor seeking assistance with gender-related conditions without first:
    • “Obtaining the consent of the minor individual’s residential parent and legal custodian”
    • Testing that minor for “depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and other mental health conditions”
    • Screening that minor for “physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse and other traumas”

The State House of Representatives passed the legislation 64 to 28. Here is the link to the page given the exact vote for each Representative.


Jamie Callender (R) voted with Dan Troy (D) against HB 68. There was one other Republican that voted against HB 68.

Well, ok, that could just be an anomaly, a “one off”, and maybe Callender had a bad day.


Let’s see how he voted for HB8.


Enact the Parents’ Bill of Rights

To require public schools to adopt a policy on parental notification on student health and well-being and instructional materials with sexuality content.

HB 8, also known as “Enact the Parents’ Bill of Rights,” would require public schools to notify parents about sexuality content materials, give parents a chance to review them, and give parents the option to request alternative instruction.

How did the Representatives vote?


There were 65 votes for the bill, and 29 votes against the bill. How did our dynamic duo vote on this bill saving parental rights?

Jamie Callender (R,,in name only), and Dan Troy voted against parental rights! Callender is the only Republican that voted AGAINST the bill.

After reading Callender’s votes, I now know that sending the letter to him asking for pornographic books be removed from public schools because they are in violation of O.RC, 2907.321 “Pandering Obscenity to Minors and Impaired Persons”, was a huge waste of time and money. He obviously will side with the Democrats and will not protect the children in Lake County, and ensure parental rights.

I have sent an email to Callender’s State office asking for an explanation of his votes. If he chooses to respond, I will keep our readers informed.

By the way, did you know that Callender sponsored House Bill 168 to legalize marijuana. Ah….after the marihuana smoke settles, it all becoming very clear who Jamie Callender is…he’s no conservative!


House Bill 168, or the Ohio Adult Use Act, would legalize the possession, purchase and cultivation of marijuana for anyone over 21 years-old. The bill would also help get lower level marijuana possession/trafficking charges expunged, and introduce a 10% sales tax on marijuana and related products.


We will be watching very closely Callender’s career choices in the future. He can still run for another term as State Representative. His voting record will be the “millstone” around his neck. Not protecting children and parental rights will be a nightmare for him.


Updated June 26, 2023 5;30 pm

Representative Callender’s office sent the following link to us. It explains why he voted on HB 9 and HB 168.



From the Lake County Chapter of Moms for Liberty:


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