Protect our State Constitution…Vote YES on Issue 1

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist, A Watchman on the Wall, Mugwump

Thanks to a Geauga Lobbyist for sending this link dealing with Issue 1. It is the only item on the August 8th special election. Issue 1, if passed, will change how our State Constitution is amended. Currently, a “50% plus 1” vote will permit an amendment to our State Constitution. An “YES” vote on Issue 1 will raise the threshold to 60% of voters to amend the State Constitution.

Look who is supporting Issue 1….

Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association
NFIB – Small Business Owners Association
Ohio Restaurant Association
Ohio Farm Bureau
Associated Builders and Contractors
Ohio Right to Life
Ohio Pork Council
Republican National Lawyers Association




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