The Perverted Ruling Class

Excerpts from the article:


What seemed like a fanciful conspiracy just a few years ago has been revealed as a dark and sickening fact. The United States is controlled by leaders who are not only corrupt but personally involved in sex perversions.

Sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. Sexual extortion charges against Hunter Biden. Sex trafficking and pedophilia charges against Jeffrey Epstein. Serial adultery charges against Bill Clinton. Sexting scandals involving Anthony Weiner. Prostitution scandals involving Eliot Spitzer. Homosexual solicitation scandals involving Larry Craig. Bestiality scandals involving Themis Matsoukas. These scandals are a small sampling of the debauchery, depravity and predatory behavior that has infected the upper echelons of American society.

Political, economic and media elites use the language of tolerance and diversity to put a cheap gloss on their vile thoughts and deeds. Yet in reality, they are exercising their power to contribute to a single trend that can, all by itself, destroy our society.


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