Ohio Value Voters Supports a Yes Vote on Issue 1

Dear Friends:
Your participation in the upcoming Ohio special election is CRITICAL and a MUST.

Planned Parenthood and its radical affiliates will spend tens of millions of dollars for the November election. They have collected petition signatures to pack Ohio’s Constitution with their lies of radical “health care” policies.  Planned Parenthood’s objective is to permit underage minors to have abortions, contraceptives, and gender-changing hormones and surgeries WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT.

Your YES vote on August 8th will change the required threshold of Ohio’s Constitution to 60% instead of the current 50% plus one.

It should not be this easy to change our Constitution!

You can download a flyer and absentee voting information HERE  https://ohiovaluevoters.org/2023-voter-guide/

Early voting begins on July 11th.

Vote as soon as possible to protect Ohio’s Constitution from Planned Parenthood’s radical anti-family agenda. 


Pray that God will intervene and give us victory on August 8th.

John Stover,
Ohio Value Voters, Inc.
P.O. Box 29502
Cleveland, OH 44129

WEBSITE: http://OhioValueVoters.org
Legislative Co-Chair: Protect Ohio Children Coalition
WEBSITE: http://ProtectOhioChildren.net


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