Oppenheimer: A Dishonest Masterpiece

Goudsmit Linda says

July 28, 2023 

Bruce Bawer’s naive confidence in Soviet spy chief General Pavel Sudoplatov’s integrity, is rivaled only by his naive analysis in previous articles, “Drag queens chanting ‘we’re coming for your kids’ hurt gay rights,” (June 25, 2023), and “I fought for gay rights – but trans activists have destroyed the meaning of Pride,” (June 1, 2023). Trans activists are not “irresponsible types” seeking “attention.”

They are not “playing rebellion” or “determined to be clowns, to make mischief, and to get easy thrills by terrifying nice people.” The radical gay/trans movement is the tip of the radical Marxist/collectivist spear aimed at America to destroy capitalism, Judeo-Christian culture, and the American family from within. Bruce Bawer fails to recognize trans activism as part of globalism’s strategic war on the nation state, and its tactical march through American cultural institutions

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