Who are the Men of Honor?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall, and Men of Honor Member

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Hello Friends!

Welcome to the Men of Honor Social Club’s Newsletter!

First of all, thank you! Thank you for opening this and reading. We know you are busy and another email is probably the last thing you need, but we hope this monthly newsletter provides you with value and insight. In it you will receive:

  • Updates on Club activities
  • Men of Honor history lessons
  • Health & Wellness tips
  • Emergency Preparation info

Our intention is to help you walk the path of honor, strength, and integrity. It is not an easy path, but we believe it is one worth walking. Ladies, we hope you find this interesting and share it with the men in your life. They will need your support along this journey.

In this first issue let’s talk about becoming a man of honor.

Becoming a Man of Honor.

Honor: A keen sense of right and wrong; adherence to action or principles considered right; integrity.


Why? Why become a man of honor, a strong man, a man of integrity? Because they are necessary. They are needed. They are essential. They are vital to families, communities, states, and nations…and we need more of them.

Men of honor are needed to repair the damage done by weak and evil men. As history has shown us time and again, weak and evil men do immense harm when left unchecked. Men of weak moral character, who rely on base instinct to guide them, with only self-interest in mind, are cancers. They destroy nations, states, communities, and families.

History books are filled with the horrors perpetrated by weak and evil men. Millions have died and countries have fallen due to their avarice. However, those same history books are also filled with stories of honorable men who attempted to right these wrongs; honorable men who stood up to tyranny. These were extraordinary men who chose the path of honor when called upon in the darkest times in human history.

Currently, we are at a critical time in history. Anyone that does not believe we are on the precipice of dark times is not paying attention or, worse yet, has bought into the lies and deceit of weak and evil men. That is why we need men of honor, strength, and integrity. Today. Right now.

We need:

Honorable men who will serve as stewards. They are needed to guide, to lead, to be in the vanguard of the fight to come.

Strong men who will act as protectors. They are needed to shield, to guard, to defend the small and powerless.

Men of integrity who will show the way. They are needed to teach, to mentor, to demonstrate what it means to live a life of virtue.


How does one become a man of honor? First, you make the decision to become one. You simply make the decision to live life by a code, the code of honor. Second, you act. You act as a man of honor, a man of strength, a man of integrity. Every decision is guided by the code by which you have chosen to live. Before every decision you ask yourself “is this aligned with my code, my code of honor?” Consistency compounds, and as you consistently act as a man of honor it becomes your default setting, your true north.

Being a man of honor, strength, and integrity means living in congruence with those principles. Your decisions and actions are regulated by your adherence to the honor code. This means doing the right thing all the time, even when inconvenient or difficult.

A man of honor, strength, and integrity:
* Is a man of his word.
* Speaks the truth.
* Is a man of discipline.
* Has the courage to do what must be done.
* Is a man of action.
* Is physically, financially, and emotionally fit.

If this sounds like you, welcome .You are in the right place! You are amongst like-minded men dedicated to walking the path of honor.

If this does not sound like you, welcome. You are in the right place! You are amongst men who want to help each other onto and along the path of honor.

Final Words:

Thank you for reading this newsletter. We hope you found something of interest and that it becomes one of your go-to sources for inspiration and motivation. Walking this path can be a lonely one, but know that you are not alone. In fact, there are millions of men just like you. Men that care. Men that want to leave a better world for their children and their children’s children. Men of honor, strength, and integrity.

Welcome to the club.

Kind regards,
Ed Jones
The Men of Honor Social Club



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