Lake County School Districts Need a Drastic Change in Leadership

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Our November elections will be critically important for Lake County School Districts. We have been attending the School Board meetings for three districts: Mentor, Willoughby-Eastlake and Riverside. It is our opinion that those three schools have School Boards that have lost sight of the primary reason for even maintaining public schools: Academic Achievement. They have become “woke”, and have allowed the schools to become indoctrination centers for grooming children, removing parental rights, promoting pornography in the reading curriculum, allowing children to be at risk with the transgender movement, and pricing people out of their homes with ever-increasing property taxes.

To illustrate our point regarding the horrifically poor academic achievements, here are the proficiency reports for Mentor, Willoughby-Eastlake, and Riverside school districts. After checking the appropriate boxes, the reports were automatically generated by the Ohio Department of Education website:

All of the school boards, administrative staff, teachers, unions, and PTA’s should be embarrassed by those results. The school districts receive 60% – 65% of a taxpayer’s property taxes, and we raising the alarms from our watchtower that we will never support another school property tax levy until we see results that are at least in the 75% range in all subjects.

The mathematics proficiency scores are particularly alarming. The algebra 1 and geometry scores lead us to believe that there must be a basic problem either with the curriculum, or the teachers do not know how to teach mathematics. The quadratic formula must be a foreign language to the high school children, and Euclid is surely just a suburb to the west of Lake County for the majority of the children.

We are supporting Rose Ioppolo and Gil Martello for the Mentor School Board, Ryan DiFranco and Denise Verdi for Willoughby-Eastlake School Board, and Denise Brewster and Beverly Schilero for the Riverside School Board. All of these candidates realize the need to stress academics, and protecting all of the children from the “woke agenda” is paramount.



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