What Has Happened to Lake County, Ohio Government Schools?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Riverside School District taxpayer

We have researched, once again, the proficiency scores of all nine school districts in Lake County, Ohio, and, regretfully, we find basically the same results. Of the nine school districts in Lake County only the Kirtland School District has acceptable proficiency scores to us. All of the proficiency scores were generated from the following website:


Here is a ranking of the school districts based on the school district’s total revenue per student compared to the overall proficiency scores.

10TOTAL LAKE COUNTY60.2%27,707$15,950.92$441,960,845
Source: Ohio Department of Education Cupp Reports

Here are the proficiency scores for each grade level and subject for each Lake County, Ohio School District.

We sent this information to a Lake County resident and the following questions and comments arose:

Brian, based on your analysis, every school system in Lake County is faltering.  Overall (since 2018) Mentor is down by almost 10 points.  It appears Mr. Heath was trying to minimize the damage in his address to the board last week.  BTW, Mentor slid backwards in every single category.  What is awry with the schools in Lake County?  What conclusions have you drawn?  Could it be, concerned parents are homeschooling their children, or higher achieving students are moving to private schools, skewing the results?

I am very discouraged by these results.

Lake County resident


Here is my response to the questions:

I wish I had the answers that would allow us to get back on the right path quickly.  Government schools may not be able to be saved.  I will give it one last try with the November elections.  If we cannot get moral, conservative school board members elected then I will shift my efforts to educating people about homeschooling.  We are fighting a multi-headed snake in trying to solve the problems in government schools.  The problem started over 100 years ago, if not longer.  Marx and Gramsci knew how to destroy a nation.

Unfortunately, I believe that there is a basic societal framework problem within the family and churches, and a definite loss of morality.   

  • With a 50+% divorce rate the traditional family is being destroyed,
  • Couples are willing to “live in sin” as my mother used to say, 
  • There is no stigma to an out-of-wedlock birth, 
  • Normalizing homosexuality,
  • Grooming children to accept perverse lifestyles since it appears that pedophilia is rampant worldwide,
  • A society that will accept killing babies at any age of development is doomed,
  • The State is replacing parental rights,
  • The schools are becoming community centers by providing meals, medical attention, dental, and “mental health” counseling,
  • Meritocracy is being replaced with  “equity” – they preach equality of opportunity, but really want equality of outcome – this will have a devastating impact for future generations. 
  • Churches have abdicated their role in society, and their lampstands will be removed as Revelation 2:4-5 states (I went directly to a prominent Church in Mentor for help with the pornographic books in school issue, and they said that their role is to bring people to Jesus Christ, and refused to help, let alone be on the front line.)
  • Many churches are no longer teaching the revealed Word of God, and people are not reading the Bible…Father Johns of St. John Vianney stated in his sermon that the message of Sodom and Gomorrah was that they lacked “hospitality”.  A former priest, Clyde Foster of St. John Vianney, implied that I was not a good Christian because I wrote an article in the News-Herald that our nation’s sovereignty will be destroyed without a Southern border. He also stated that I sounded more like a Protestant than a Catholic when I challenged him after the mass.
  • Christians are under attack…we are now a secular society, turning our collective backs to God. Since God will not be mocked, we will pay a heavy price.
  • All we have to do is look at what happened to churches in the 1930’s in Germany when they looked away when Hitler came to power. Churches in Europe have been closed or turned into museums.
  • We are in a spiritual war of good versus evil, and darkness is enveloping us…
  • The whole “Woke” agenda of personal pronouns, more than two genders, boys in the girls locker rooms and bathrooms, and pornographic books in the schools will cause mental health issues for future generations that will further compound our society’s slide into the demonic abyss.  Making the needed changes in policies will be easier said than done because everyone will be fighting liberal administrators, unions, and a host of associations.
  • If it is determined that changes cannot be made then we need to defund them, by voting down tax levies, and sending them back to the one-room schoolhouse.

What is ironic, is that we are funding our own demise.  If we continue on the path of ever-increasing property taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.




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