What Happened to Dawn Pasela?

Submitted to LFC by Luciana…

Mayor Tim DeGeeter 
City of Parma, Ohio 

August 14, 2023 

Dear Mayor: 

As members of a large family living and owning businesses in the Cleveland area for many decades, it seems to us that any city in which a young, beautiful, bright woman suddenly ends up dead just before her imminent testimony regarding severe corruption in a major governmental office would want to fully investigate and re-investigate the case.  

Indeed, the case of the abrupt death of DAWN PASELA has innumerable open questions left unanswered for the suffering family and the public in Parma/Cleveland and across this country.  At best, DAWN PASELA’S death is suspicious. 

We call your attention to Transcript testimony of a family member of one of the government officials involved in this case that DAWN PASELA’S “murder” was discussed in her “driveway one day” with her “children as well.”  Furthermore, she testified that “there should be a renewed investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dawn Pasela …. Absolutely.” Page 35    

It is clearly in the public interest for the unusual death of this young woman who worked for a Parma governmental office to be investigated to the fullest extent with all material evidence collected vigorously and reviewed intensely plus all witnesses scrupulously interviewed.   

It is clearly in the public interest for the family of a Viet Nam War veteran commended for his bravery to know that his beloved daughter did not die in vain, without justice due to her. 

The Newman Family 



Check out the facts in this case. Another person who exposed a corrupt prosecutor, and was trying to save an innocent person, was found dead.


Luke 12:2
“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”…NASB


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