By Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute

Is the book below in your public school library?

WARNING: Graphic text and pictures below

It’s Perfectly Normal, a book aimed at 10-year-olds, is nothing more than pornography for children. This book, written by a former member of Planned Parenthood’s National Board of Advocates, highlights such topics as oral and anal sex, masturbation, STDs, rape, and abortion. Regardless of the author’s stated intention, It’s Perfectly Normal sexually grooms young girls and boys by using cartoonish graphic images to intentionally lower their natural inhibitions about private and sensitive subjects.

The goal is to normalize every form of sexual expression, because after all, it’s “perfectly normal.”

Noticeably absent from this book are any discussions of such things as marriage or family, or the consequences of engaging in pre-marital sex, having an abortion, or contracting a STD. Rather, the author emphasizes having sex simply because it feels good.

This book is lauded for its mention of such things as personal hygiene and changes that take place in the body during puberty, but make no mistake, It’s Perfectly Normal is yet another tool in the progressive’s nationwide effort to desensitize our children and set them on a very dangerous path of sexual experimentation before they leave elementary school.



We are on a mission to remove pornographyand obscenity from school systems nationwide.
Unlike the progressive groups like ALA, Planned Parenthood and Panorama pushing this on our children, we receive no government funding and must raise our funds through the charity of like-minded contributors. 

This is a special project we are choosing to take on at this critical time. This project is in addition to our day to day work load with legislation and parental rights.

We are up against organizations backed by millions of dollars. We nee YOUR help for our project to succeed. We must and get porn out of our schools across the nation. We cannot afford to waste another second waiting for relief. We must become the relief we are waiting for.  

Please make a tax-deductible donation today. Your gift ensures that pro-family advocates will continue to have a strong voice in public policy and culture.
Donate to our special project today!
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