Cornachio versus Germano for Willoughby Municipal Judge

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Lake County’s League of Women Voters had a candidates forum on September19, 2023 at the Breckenridge Center in Willoughby. Incumbent Willoughby Municipal Judge Marisa L. Cornachio squared off against Attorney Michael F. Germano.

Judge Cornachio introduces herself to the audience.
Attorney Michael Germano introduces himself to the audience.
Judge Cornachio explains the changes made in the Willoughby Municipal Court in the last six years.
Mr. Germano responds to Judge Cornachio’s comments about employee training.
Both candidates answer questions about their education.

Spirted debate on several questions asked by the audience. It is very clear that Judge Cornachio is no “shrinking violet” and will not back down to anyone.

We will let our readers decide who won this debate, but for us it is rather obvious.




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