Discussing Issue 1 with Dan Salcido…and Ohio Schools with Nancy Marra

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Joe Miller’s Sunday Night (10/8) Podcast had Mr. Dan Salcido as the guest speaker discussing Issue 1 that appears on the November 7th ballot.

Join Joe along with Jonathon Broadbent, of Geauga County and Director of Protect Ohio Children , Nancy Marra – Timberlake Councilwoman and President of the Lake County Liberty Coalition, and Brian Massie, average citizen.

They discuss Issue 1 and the state of government schools in the State of Ohio.


Dan Salcido


VP Shell Pennzoil Europe Africa & Middle East
VP Diageo North America
Sales & Marketing Director Procter & Gamble

International Business Consultant
Republican Precinct Executive – Anderson Township Ohio
Weekly volunteer at Pregnancy Center Plus in Cincinnati past 2 1/2 years
Father of 7 children, grandfather of 6



Do not believe the lies, deceptions and betrayals of the far left on Issue 1. It is not political, it’s Biblical.

Here is the letter from the Black Pastors that Joe mentions in the podcast.




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