Big False Flag Attack on U.S. Coming

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

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Big False Flag Attack on U.S. Coming:
Central Banks Orchestrated Israeli Attack to Prop Up Bond Market

By Thomas Jefferson–(who argued against central banking)
Gregory Mannarino runs Trader’s and is a major investor with an amazing record of predicting correctly. He predicts that the U.S. will soon be hit with a major false flag attack in order to mobilize American support for global war.  

[Start at minute 9:00]

He warns that the central banks of the world, like the Federal Reserve, want war to spread rapidly across the globe. If true, we can expect the President to declare emergency powers and round up anyone who the state perceives to be a threat—like retired special forces—under false pretexts.  The FBI and Hillary Clinton have set the stage by calling Trump supporters “terrorists” in need of “deprogramming”.

Gregory Mannarino also argued on Saturday that the attack on Israel was orchestrated by global central banks supporting Hamas and terrorists groups everywhere. He states that Wall Street’s Friday trades clearly betrayed insider knowledge of the coming attack.  “Wall Street knew”.  “Big institutional investors changed their trades to take advantage of a new war one day before Israel was attacked.”

I don’t know if Mannarino is politically 100% correct, but I do know that his financial logic is 100% correct.  It is key to understanding both the incentives for war and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which is a Satanic plan for reordering every aspect of our lives.

The late Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman made it clear that the financial system has a limited lifespan that will end in “cascading defaults” or bankruptcies. Like a shark that must constantly swim to breath, our financial system must constantly grow—until the day it cannot, when it dies.  The “Great Taking” is a set of legal constructs—including changes to federal bankruptcy law and state UCC codes— that make sure that when that day comes, a specific few top tier banks and individuals are the beneficiaries of all those cascading defaults. These banks will be able to trade their electronic digits for real Legal Title to everything without going to court. Obtaining control over everything and Legal Title IS the name of the game.  The Great Taking is HOW the Great Reset is being implemented.


Our financial system is a Ponzi scheme that requires new entries into the system so that those at the top of the pyramid get paid.  Mannarino alludes to this by talking about how the system requires constant new infusions of debt or cash (remember debt=money).  In our debt-based system, someone must always go into debt (a house loan or corporate bond) in order for money to come into existence. Thus, our system requires that new debtors come in to the system or old debtors take on more debt.  That IS why central banks encourage nations to go into greater and
greater bond debt. That IS why all the nations of the world are in massive debt.

If central banks cannot sell debt, the system freezes up.  We see that looming as a “liquidity crisis”, where every person, corporation and nation has all the debt they can manage, so not enough debt/money is being created.  The system is freezing up because there is no more real demand for debt—“demand is saturated”.  Egypt just suspended cash withdrawals and debt card use in order to hang on to money on hand.  A liquidity crisis means that suddenly all debit, credit and ATM cards will stop working.  The entire financial system will stop. Egypt today, but every nation tomorrow.


Central Banks can increase demand for bonds (debt) by encouraging government spending.  But they recognize that it is getting harder for Congress to justify increased government spending.  Mannarino argues that Central Banks are orchestrating wars—first Israel and next the U.S. —in order to get the public to support war spending.  Somehow, we now have endless money to fund
wars but not enough to fund the government?  Go figure.

War is the most expensive thing that humans do.  It also benefits asset managers, like BlackRock, who control stock shares—and board of directors seats—for war contractors, like Lockheed Martin. Finally, it offers the chance at a controlled demolition of the system in order to usher in both a new financial system and the Great Reset, which will be implemented using The Great Taking’s legal constructs.
Many Great Reset supporters do not understand that they, along with everyone else, will be fleeced. Their wealth and position makes them feel immune. Both billionaires and factory workers alike will see their securities, mortgages, pensions, and bonds transferred to a few large banks electronically and without court action. We must move quickly to implement federal and state legislation to prevent the Great Taking, since the bond market liquidity crisis betrays that there is not much time left.


I recommend watching the videos in this order…..
Attack on Israel first.   
“Prepare NOW!”

Alert: Watch For A Major False Flag ATTACK On U.S. Soil…We are Being Boxed In.
 Start at minute 9:

Expect War to Expand Rapidly. Many People Will Die. World Debt to Explode.

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