Hypocrisy of and Betrayal by RINO’s Owned by K-Street


For Immediate Release: Friday, October 20, 2023

Contact: Tom Zawistowski,  TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org

Jordan House Speaker Fight Exposes Hypocrisy of and Betrayal by RINO’s who are Owned by K-Street

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, called out the hypocrisy of and betrayal by Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s), who are desperate to stop Jim Jordan from becoming House Speaker. Zawistowski charges that they are owned by K-Street and have no connection to the voter base of the Republican Party and no desire to represent their voters.

Zawistowski said, “What the American public, and conservatives in particular, are witnessing right now in the dysfunctional US House is something we in the TEA Party movement have known for 15 years. They are seeing that the members of Congress on all sides are owned, bought and paid for, by K-Street and special interests. They don’t represent any of their constituents unless they and their funders can personally make money off of the legislation they pass claiming to benefit their constituents. Even with the vast majority of Republicans in their Districts wanting them to vote for Jim Jordan, they cannot allow anyone to be elected House Speaker who will support efforts to cut federal spending. Regardless of the damage reckless federal deficit spending is doing to our nation’s economy and to the personal prosperity of ordinary citizens. Let’s just be blunt, they simply don’t care about America, they care about themselves. These are not Patriots. They are profiteers.”

Zawistowski continued, “This is why you are seeing plans proposed by RINO’s like Ohio’s Dave Joyce, and shamelessly promoted by K-Street owned media including FoxNews, to interrupt the election of a new House Speaker in order to propose a change that would give “temporary” powers to the interim Speaker McHenry, with the total support of the Democrats, in order to meet the November deadline for the next budget deal. This action once again confirms our saying that “RINO’s will always prefer electing a Democrat in order to prevent the election of a Republican they can’t control.”

They can’t control Jim Jordan from listening to the American people, and just doing what obviously needs to be done, by cutting government spending. So they are more than willing to do what they so sanctimoniously condemned Matt Gaetz for doing, working with the Democrats, in order to stop Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker. The height of Hypocrisy!

Once they surrender the Republican Speakership to the Democrats, you can bet that they will pass another CR in November that will not cut a dime of spending and even increase spending. Then you will see that the “temporary” Speaker will be indefinitely extended so that an Omnibus spending bill can be passed during Christmas break. A total betrayal of their voters and our nation for personal gain.”

Zawistowski explained, “It is so revealing that all the Uni-Party owned pundits so conveniently forget that just like now, Matt Gaetz had 20 Republicans in January who would not vote for McCarthy. It wasn’t just him. The House voted 15 times before McCarthy was able to agree to changes in the House operations that those 20 demanded in exchange for their votes. Things that were needed like a return to regular order; a vote on term limits; a promise to give 72 hours before voting on a bill; passing all 12 appropriations bills! Things that are even required by law but have not been done for 26 years! Then they, the 20 holdouts, elected McCarthy.

Contrast that with what we are seeing today. The 20 Congressmen holding out against Jordan are saying that there is nothing that Jordan can do to get their votes! Their complaint is that he is “too conservative”??? As if that is a pejorative to their voters like it is to the Uni-Party. That is just code for “Jim Jordan is not committed to the continued spending” that their K-Street masters require. The pathetic claims that “We don’t like the strong-armed tactics that Jim Jordan is using to get our votes by having people call our offices” are nothing but a dodge. They are being exposed to their voters as the charlatans that they are – that is what they don’t like. The big spenders who never want a shutdown, every day are making a shutdown more likely! That in itself makes all of this worth it.”

Zawistowski concluded, “This is a seminal moment in American History. What we in the TEA Party Movement have been doing since 2008 is challenging the “Republicans” to live up to their party platform and prove that they are what they say they are to voters. They have failed EVERY time. Now, because of our efforts, many more Americans can see that they have no representation in the federal government from the RINO’s or the Communist-controlled Democrats.

This is not a government, it is nothing but massive institutionalized theft and the raiding of our public treasury. It wasn’t just the 2020 election that was rigged, they are ALL rigged and have been for all or our lives. Until we elected Trump! Which is why they, RINO’s and Communists, will do anything to stop Donald J. Trump from becoming President again – because they can’t control him and this time he will stop the theft and lawlessness.

It is why the American People will do whatever it takes to elect him in 2024 to restore our Constitution and the rule of law. Next year will decide the fate of our nation. This Speaker fight shows exactly who must be voted out of office next year in order to Make America Great Again (MAGA). The fight continues. Call your Congressman right now at 202-224-3121 and urge them to vote for Jim Jordan and America.”


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