Congressman Dave Joyce Responds to Our Question on CCP Contributions

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

We read in Congressman Dave Joyce’s newsletter that several Ohio schools had accepted money from an entity that had ties to the Chinese Communist Party. We wrote to Congressman Joyce asking him to identify those schools that had received the contributions. Here is his reply.

We thank Congressman Joyce for his transparency with the citizens that he represents.


Dear Mr. Massie,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in American classrooms. Your thoughts on this matter are most welcome and appreciated. 

In your correspondence, you inquired about the school districts in Ohio that have received money from the Chinese Government or through intermediaries connected to the CCP. As you know, I recently introduced the bipartisan Combating the Lies of Authoritarians in School Systems (CLASS) Act. My bill would prohibit K-12 public schools from accepting funds or entering into contracts with the Chinese Government, the Chinese Communist Party, and individuals or entities with ties to either. The schools that I referred to in my recent newsletter include Brooklyn City School District, Chagrin Falls Schools, Columbus School for Girls, Gahanna-Jefferson School District, Shaker Heights Schools, and Winton Woods City School District. 

The schools in Ohio received funding from the Chinese Government through a third party organization, which has since severed their ties with the People’s Republic of China. I am confident that none of these schools had intended to take money from the Chinese Government, but rather accepted financial support from an organization that they did not know had connections to China. This reality only serves to underscore the pervasive nature of China’s influence campaign in the United States. 

Once again, thank you for contacting me. Should you have additional comments or questions on this or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at my Mentor, Warren, Ravenna, or Washington, D.C. office. I also invite you to stay up to date on other important matters before Congress by signing up for my weekly email newsletter, the Weekly Wrap, which you can do by clicking the Sign Up button below.


Rep. David Joyce

Member of Congress


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