Democrats vs. Republicans…Are There Really Any Differences…Or Is Just Another Illusion?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

For those Americans paying attention, they will see that both sides of the aisle, at the federal level, are betraying our constitution, and the citizens of our country. They are replacing Americans with low skilled individuals from across the globe, and creating a socialist/communist nation. They cater to the special interest groups to the detriment of the average citizens that have supported them for decades.

The average citizen’s only option is to try to wade through the deceptions, and vote for politicians that love their country, and will not accept foreign money, or cater to special interest groups. It is NOT an easy task, to say the least. However, we contend that the cavalry (read: Trump) is not going to be able reverse the trend toward socialism in four years. Average citizens must get involved locally, much more than they have to date to save our country.

They say all politics are local! What does that really mean?

What do Lake County citizens think of Party politics? Let’s see if we can “make the numbers talk”. Here are statistics from the Lake County Board of Elections website:

As of
5, 2023
As of December
30, 2022
of Voters
% of
of Voters
% of
Change in Voter%
No Party Affiliation121,01974.6%105,06364.6%+15,956+15.2%
Total Registered Voters162,251100.0%162,779100.0%-528-.3%
Comparison of Lake County Registered Voters 2022 vs 2023

Using the population statistics as of 2021 (232,023), we can see that approximately 70.1% of the eligible Lake County citizens are registered to vote. There was a decrease of 528 (-.3%) registered voters in the past year. However, the startling numbers are the decline in voters aligned with either Party. No Party affiliated voters increased by 15,956 (15.2%), but the number of Republicans declined by 6,267 (18.0%), and Democrats bailed even more – decreasing by 10,217 (-44.7%).

It makes one ask the obvious question: -Why?

Are local Democrats finally realizing that their Party is leading our country on a path of destruction? Are local Republicans disenchanted with the local party because of all the in-fighting, back-stabbing, deceptions and betrayals. Rather than looking out for the best interests of the citizens, are most officials just worried about their own careers and retirement? Is service to the community just a fleeting, Utopian ideal?

Are the former Republicans disgusted with a Republican Party that accepts crossover candidates from the Democrat Party? It is well known that a candidate with an “R” next to their name on the ballot in Lake County has a better chance of being elected, which brings us to the latest “crossover” candidate – Morris Beverage III.

We received the following flyer from an unnamed source. Our research discovered that the Young Republicans, led by David Kalk, has periodic meetings that are sponsored by local officials and candidates. Morris Beverage III, son of the Lakeland Community College President, Morris Beverage II, sponsored the meeting held November 14th at the Bistro 70 in Painesville.

There was a guest at the Young Republican meeting. It was none other than the leader of the Lake County Young Democrat Party, Dan Crowder. Why would a Young Democrat be allowed in a Young Republican Party meeting? Is he thinking of switching parties, or is there really no difference in the parties?

We asked two Republican community leaders, and members of the Young Republicans, why Mr. Kalk would allow Mr. Crowder to attend their meetings. Their responses were identical: “You will have to speak to Mr. Kalk.” We tried to communicate with Mr. Kalk, but for some reason he chose not to respond to us.

We did a public records request on the Campaign Finance Reports for the ultra-liberal, Democrat, Mentor School Board Candidate named Lyndsie Wall. Here is what we discovered:

  1. Morris Beverage III gave $125.00 to the “Friends of Wall” campaign on April 16, 2023. Kerri Beverage, living at the same address, also gave $125.00 to the Wall campaign.

2. Morris Beverage’s mother, Connie Beverage, gave aI $6,050.00 campaign contribution to the Lyndsie Wall campaign.

It is hard to fathom real Republicans giving $6,300 to a Democrat candidate, and in good conscience continue to consider themselves as an upstanding Republican. It was also reported to us that Connie Beverage was working the polls on election day November 7th for the other Mentor School Board Democrat candidate, Lauren Marchaza. However, if there are no differences between the political parties, then the contributions by the Beverage family to Wall’s campaign are appropriate.

Morris Beverage III is in the race for Lake County Commissioner as a Republican, and would appreciate an endorsement from the Lake County Central Committee. It has not been finally decided if he will challenge Commissioner John Hamercheck, or Commissioner Rich Regovich in the March primary. It really depends on which Commissioner the “uni-party” establishment wants to support. We will know the “favorite son” by where Beverage’s name appears on the primary ballot.

It is interesting that the Bistro 70 restaurant in Painesville was chosen by the Young Republicans for their meeting. Our first time at the restaurant provided a very interesting story.

While discussing the reversal of the sales tax by the Commissioners with our dinner guests, our waiter was eavesdropping on our conversation.

Waiter: “My wife was instrumental in getting that increase in the sales tax to be reversed.”

Me: “Are you telling me that Lyndsie Wall is your wife?”

Waiter: (With a very surprised look on his face)…”Yes”

Me: “Please tell her that Brian Massie said hello.”

If you stop by the Bistro 70, be sure to say “Hello” to Kyle.

In summary, in our opinion, unless the local Republican Party changes their ways, they will continue to see an exodus to the “No Party” category. If we judge the Party based on the number of “R’s” that hold office, then the Party could be deemed a success. However, if success is measured by the number of average citizens that want to be aligned with you, then we would conclude that the local Republican Party is on its way to become the next “Whig Party”. They will eventually end up with less registered voters than Lakeland Community College has students, which is currently around 4,700, down from about 10,000.

If they continue to cavort with the Democrats, the voters will eventually see through their deception and betrayal, and will realize that their votes mean nothing because the establishment uni-party has already decided who gets what position in the County. The election becomes just a formality…it is all just another illusion!


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