“Blue 22” Traitor Gail Pavliga Votes Against Portage County Values in Ohio Education Committee Vote

Portage County TEA Party Endorses Heidi Workman for Ohio House after “Blue 22” Traitor Gail Pavliga Votes AGAINST Portage County Values in Ohio Education Committee Vote Today!

By Tom Zawistowski, TomZ@PortageCountyTEAParty.com
December 6, 2023

Portage County, Ohio: Today the Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, announced that the organization is endorsing Heidi Workman in the March 17, 2024 Republican Primary to replace failed Ohio House member Gail Pavliga, whom the group had previously elected twice.

Zawistowski made it clear in his announcement that the only way to get honest representation is not just to elect people to office who share your values, but to be able to Un-Elect those who betray the voters and their values. Today, Gail Pavligia totally betrayed the conservative voters of Portage County who put her in office twice.

Zawistowski said,”Gail Pavliga was nobody. She had no name ID. She had no money. She had no political experience. She came to the Portage County TEA Party in 2019 as a candidate who wanted to run for the Ohio House. She said that she believed in our conservative values. She participated in our Liberty Camp for Kids and professed her love of the Constitution. We elected her to the Ohio House in 2020 and again in 2022. Then immediately after the election just a year ago, Gail Pavliga took the bribe from the Democrat Teachers Unions and betrayed everyone who voted for her.”

Zawistowski continued, “The Conservative voters of Ohio elected the largest super-majorities in the Ohio House and Senate in 2022 because we wanted to take back our schools and our government from the woke radical leftists. We wanted to end the indoctrination of our children with the anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) lies, we wanted freedom to make our own medical decisions, we wanted to stop the assault on our values from the racist and sexist Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and radical trans-agenda, we wanted election reform and more. The Republicans we elected promised to deliver those things and more. Until we were betrayed.”

Zawistowski explained, “When the”Blue 22 Traitors”, including Gail Pavliga, voted with 33 Democrats last January to steal the House Speaker position, all that we had voted for in the 2022 election was derailed. Today was the last straw. When Gail Pavliga voted against the Ohio Education Reform Bill in a Committee vote, she showed what a sellout she is. At one point during the Committee discussion of the bill Pavliga actually said that she could not decide until she talks to Kent State about the bill!!! Kent State didn’t elected you Gail WE DID! Did you come home and ask your voters how you should vote??? Of course you didn’t.

It is clear to us that “Professor Pavliga” doesn’t give a damn about protecting our children or representing the values of the voters in Portage County who elected her. She is too busy kissing Kent State’s ass in the hope of getting a job there once we throw her out of the Ohio House.”

Zawistowski asked, “Look at what was in this Senate Bill 83 today. What is in this that my fellow Portage Patriots haven’t wanted for years??? Key provisions of the bill include:

  • Prohibiting mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs
  • Allowing tenured professors to be fired,
  • Modifying collective bargaining agreements,
  • Requiring students to take a course in the subject area of American government or history,
  • Preventing professors from taking stances in the classroom on controversial topics, which include issues such as climate policies, electoral politics, foreign policies, DEI, immigration, marriage, or abortion policies,
  • Prohibiting universities from taking public positions on these controversial topics,
  • Requiring course syllabi to be made publicly available online,,
  • Preventing unions from negotiating on tenure.

Gail Pavliga voted NO on ALL of this and Now She Must Go!!! Thankfully Eight REAL Republicans voted YES and moved the bill out of the Committee so that it can now go to the House floor perhaps as early as next week.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “Get the hell out of our House, Gail! Get the hell out of Portage County for that matter! Gail told our endorsed candidate Heidi Workman when they first met a few months ago that the “Democrat Unions will give me all the money I need to get re-elected, so don’t bother running against me.” Well Gail, the Democrats don’t run Portage County and they never elected you to anything. You can have Nancy Pelosi and the whole damned DNC come in and give you all the money they want, but WE THE POEPLE of Portage County who Elected You are going to THROW YOUR ASS OUT IN JANUARY. You shouldn’t even file to run for re-election, Gail. You should resign in shame right now because you represent the most vile and disgusting part of corrupt politics. You are a dirty traitor who put your personal interests ahead of your voters and we don’t have to take your abuse and we will not stand for it.

I ask my fellow Portage County Patriots to share this email with everyone they know and if you see Traitor Gail anywhere in town, let her know how you feel. Then vote her the hell out in the Republican Primary.”


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