What Are the Building Maintenance Priorities in the Riverside School District?

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Here is a video of the Riverside School District’s Building and Grounds committee meeting held on Monday, December 11, 2023.

We have come to realize that sports and more important than the bathrooms issues at Riverside campus. Judge for yourselves as you watch the School Board representatives and the administrators discuss their priorities at the school. Take note that School Board member Tom Hach reveals that they are now earning $100,000 per month on their investments. You will also hear Mr. Hach state that in the 12 years he has been on the board, no repairs have been done to the Riverside Campus buildings.

Fixing the outdoor running track, and the baseball diamond takes priority in this School District.

What about bathroom privacy and protection issues? The majority of the School Board obviously do not believe that there are any problems, or if there are, then we should build new schools to fix the problems. We are beginning to believe that the majority of the School Board members are clueless in addressing even the basic rights of privacy, let alone fixing structural damages. If they do not understand that, then how can they even address the failing reading and math scores?

We will attend the curriculum meeting tomorrow, and will report to our readers their master plan to improve proficiency at all grades and all subjects.

Our message to the Administration and School Board: You will reap what you have sown!

You will gain approximately $1.5 million windfall in property taxes in 2025 because of the sexennial revaluation in 2024. However, trying to pass any additional levies will be a “heavy lift’ in the future.


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