Welcome Honesty’s NEW Executive Director

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Thanks to Diane Stover for “pulling back the curtain” on the lies and deceptions in public education. We find it ironic that Dr. Collings is now working for a group with the word “Honesty” in its title.


Welcome Honesty’s NEW Executive Director!

Dr. Christina Collings (former State Board of Education member who recently resigned because:  “Collins said her decision to step down from the board isn’t based on any of those things. She said having a baby in November ultimately led to her decision: “I truly need to be a little more protective of my time.”

Here’s the full article: https://www.statenews.org/government-politics/2023-12-14/an-elected-state-school-board-member-is-quitting-heres-why-shes-stepping-down 

Please look below to see the REAL REASON she’s stepping down because she is DOUBLING DOWN!

The newsletter below gives the reason(s) why we fight to Protect Ohio’s Children.

God bless you at Christmas and in the new year.  We have much work to do.

You are a blessing to me and I thank you for all you do.

Diane Stover, Program Director 
Protect Ohio Children Coalition


We are proud and excited to announce that Dr. Christina Collins (pictured above) will serve as Honesty’s new executive director, beginning January 2, 2024.

As an elected State Board of Education member, longstanding education practitioner, public school parent, community advocate, and democracy champion, Dr. Collins brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the leadership role. 

“I am ready to work with anyone willing to advocate for a public education that affirms and celebrates every child, regardless of race, identity, or zip code,” Dr. Collins said. “Hateful extremism, like House Bill 68 that endangers the lives of transgender youth, does not represent the values of Ohio families or communities. The energy and advocacy to make Ohio a home for ALL is powerful and exactly the kind of work I am committed to.
It’s time to unify, not divide, Ohioans.”

Honesty Founding Director Cynthia Peeples, who recently moved out of state,
will support the leadership transition.

Read more about Dr. Collins in the press announcement HERE

❤️ Welcome to the Honesty family, Dr. Collins! ❤️


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